Ib + Lspd?

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  1. So now that there is no more marketXT (MKXT) - which I always thought was kind of a stupid name - why can't IB trade with its successor, lightspeed (LSPD)?

    I read this about LSPD - "We switched clearing firms from PaineWebber, where we were paying an extraordinary amount of money for clearing, to Southwest [now SWS Securities] and we have an effective 70 percent to 90 percent cost reduction," Amanat added." http://www.securitiesindustry.com/issue.cfm?ID=356&aid=11180&search=clary

    That's pretty cold.
  2. As far as I know, LSPD is soesable. Therefore, IB can trade during market hours.
  3. IB actually can't trade with LSPD - any LSPD bids/offers I see on separate feeds are not reflected in IB's BEST quote for naz.

    Also, MKXT apparently has been shut down (at least at IB) - any orders I try to route there hang indefinitely and do not go live.
  4. MKXT has been down at IB for over a year.

    Haven't noticed the LSPD issue where they are alone on the inside , have to check that out.
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    i wish i could bypass that !@#$%$#%^$%, and its sad#$#$@#
  6. Remember the good old days when you could press the Soes key and you knew that you would only have to pay one fee?
  7. I don't know what it is about them, maybe they're really hungry, but I find LSPD traders to be the most annoying, hands down. They're like hungry little flies, pegging orders and being general pains in the ass. Maybe it's the same guy in the stocks I trade...but it's a good reason to start using hidden orders, I guess.