IB lowers options commission to $1

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by saschabr, Apr 12, 2002.

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    that's good news. I will wait until monday to put more positions on!
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  3. Oh my god! Oh my god!

    IB is IB. Our beloved.

    IB simply flattens their 4-level US options fee structure to 3-level, with the "most significant" level disappeared! Impressed! Really impressed! And surprised! Now 8 contracts of QQQ options to protect/lock profit/contrarily venture one lot of NQ will cost 8 bucks. Very good.

    I'm no further greedy on IB's commission rate now. Though rooms are still there for futures to $1.95/contract or $3.9/rt ... no further greed I promise!

    3 wishes then:

    1. the roll out of multi-currency futures account, or all-in-one account if it accomodates the functionality of multi-currency futures trading. ASAP! No roll over again please!

    2. open the door to Korea's Kospi 200 futures & options trading, with the same low commissions. And one further step, OSE's Nikkei 225 futures & options, which are liquid and auction trading "Full Automated Computer System (individual auction)." Thinks no other exchanges not currenctly available on IB TWS will interest me.

    3. "Interactive Broking" true realtime interbank forex and currency options trading on IB TWS. CFMA 2000 in force makes it legal and feasible for IB to conduct this business, in fact "An individual trading on BEST Direct will have access to the foreign exchange markets along with the future markets", someone has done it, though I think IB's TWS is better positioned and will do better if it decides to involve in the market. With the shut down of Atriax, it's easier to make decision now. Thinks FXall is promising.

    Ok, now, long living and prospering IB our beloved!
  4. ktm


    You may want to ask def about the Korean and Nikkei stuff. I heard that Japan is coming on-line soon and def would know about Korea - that's his part of the world.
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    the decision to lower the commissions took place on Wednesday/Thursday and a communique was sent out friday night. If you didn't get it, it is on the web site under news.

  6. Sunfair


    I received an email from IB on friday outlining new rates. Gotta love 'em.