IB lowering fees of European share trading from next week.

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  1. tonyf


    Dear Client,

    Interactive Brokers is pleased to announce the reduction of European stock commission rates for the tiered commission model.

    On April 1, 2019, the most expensive tiers above 0.05% will be eliminated for all currencies:

    • In EUR, CHF, USD, PLN, ILS and HUF-denominated products, commissions for all Monthly Trade Values up to EUR 50,000,000 will now have a fee per trade value of 0.05% (5 bps).

      In the United Kingdom, all Monthly Trade Values up to GBP 40,000,000 will now have a fee per trade value of 0.05% (5 bps).

      All exchange, clearing and regulatory fees will continue to be passed through.

    Please note there is no change to the order minimums or maximums, flat rate commissions and commissions for Norway or Sweden (where commissions already start at 0.050%).
  2. This change only applies if you're on the "tiered commission model". Nothing changes if you're on the "flat rate commission model".
  3. tonyf


    And why would you want to be on the flat in the first place?
  4. I forgot the details, but my understanding is that the flat rate is cheaper if you are trading only small sizes.
  5. d08


    Depends on order types as well. In most cases tiered is cheaper.