IB losing the edge in commissions!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by 50 cent, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. IB would be able to give me more accurate

    high / low prints 24 hours a day

    in equities :)
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  2. def

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    bullets: if I recall correctly, the SEC is going to come out with new rules in regards to the downtick rules and provide clarification if bullets can be offered. If so, I imagine we'll go ahead.

    DOHHI, IB doesn't have a monthly charge, it has a monthly minimum of $10. For most people on this board, that should not be a factor.
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  3. cancel fees are charged by the exchanges. Not IB. IB merely passes the fees along.
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  4. 3vian


    btw u dumbass it is $12. It is you who is not the math major!

    Buy 300 shares - $3

    sell 100 shares - $3
    sell 100 shares - $3
    sell 100 shares - $3

    Total? $9, I think not! Perhaps $12, so before you accuse someone of stupidity you better make sure you're right!
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  5. re-read what I wrote....I know they are passed through. I am just suggesting a different way to "pass this along" to us clients.
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  6. are you suggesting an unfair distribution, by letting others subsidize ?

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  7. speaking of minimums MBT does have a minimum for eminis ....If you have over 25k then you avoid the $25.00/mo. charge ......again not a factor for most here at Elite.

    I think IB charges $10.00/mo. minumum for Futures accounts with monthly commissions under $30.00 regardless of balance other than zero.

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  8. hayman


    IB really has been great for me. Low commissions, and adequate service whenever I call. The interface is simple, but does the job. I was attracted to IB for its commission schedule, no doubt.

    I am definitely going to try out Tradestation now, due to its lowering of commission rates. I was always attracted to their platform (the thought of having a programmatic interface that can backtest trading algorithms in their historical DB is priceless), but their commission rates put them out of reach for me in the past.

    Now is a different story. IB will need to counteract Tradestation's lowering of commission rates to keep my business, unless the Tradestation platform doesn't cut the mustard for me.
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  9. We also offer financial security (which includes sweeping excess funds from the commodities account into the securities account), a very reliable platform, an open API which has lead to numerous quality graphical and execution programs routing into us. While many complain about CS have any of you tried calling lately? I see the stats and calls are being picked up promptly these days. (naturally if there is a system wide failure any broker will have trouble with the lines). Things are much improved and will continue to improve on that end.

    This point alone changes the whole picture for Futures traders.

    Def Can one use t-bills for excess funds and can they be considered for performance bond requirements with Futures traders?

    Michael B.
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  10. Just finished the book "The Daytrader from the Pit to the PC". by Lewis J. Borsellino.

    I belive the Eurex will have an impact, and the Pit must adapt.

    Michael B.
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