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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by plugger, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Craig66


    I'm in NZ, I've had the IB account about 2 days and I must have been locked out about 4 times already, not impressed, I was just about to enter a trade, but now I've been locked out for about 10min.

    I switched to IB so I would not have to put up with this bullshit.
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  2. rcj


    Craig ... give em a chance. TWS connected to IB is as reliable as the others so it seems. This security hiccup is scarey though.
    My login is/was working ok now.

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  3. Craig66


    It came back about 2 minutes after I posted, I guess we will see how it goes.

    Is this par for the course with IB?
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  4. Craig66


    Locked out again...
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  5. JackR



    I just logged out and logged in here against the US server (using the security token).

    What do you mean by "locked out"?

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  6. rcj


    i had to log in couple of times today. no problem thank goodness.
    Im using the little key chain code generator with lattest
    stand alone TWS. And im on the US server.
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  7. Craig66


    I'm using buttontrader, so the the first thing I see is 'comms loss with IB' in buttontrader, I then switch to TWS and the quote grid is blank and the program is repeatedly trying to log into IB.

    This goes on for about 10 minutes then it all comes back, it's not my internet connection because I'm watching all of this happen over VPN into my PC.

    I know the IB FX servers close for quarter of an hour just after the New York session, but the times I am having the problem do not coincide.
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  8. Why exactly are you sure its not your internet connection? Every time I have seen this (bar 2 in 3 years) it has been because my end of the connection (hub, router, or isp) has been out.

    Your ISP could be out locally, in the connection to your international gateway, at the gateway, at the HK end router ... etc etc.

    You might want to try pinging the IB server you get your data from when you loose connection. Try something like Ping Plotter Freeware to get a better feel for where the problem might be.
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  9. Craig66


    How do I establish the ip address of the server?

    It got into the same state, which is that my internet connection is functional but TWS can't seem to login. Looking though the TWS logs it seems to be trying to connect to gw1.ibllc.com, at that point I couldn't ping that address. I restarted TWS and it logged in successfully, after the restart I could also ping the server.
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  10. rcj


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