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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by plugger, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. plugger


    Anyone having trouble logging into TWS tonight (Tuesday, 10:40 central)? I've tried and it tells me my login id is wrong.

    I just started using the token on Monday and it's been fine until tonight. Any input out there?

  2. rcj


    Yeah .... its messed up.
  3. gangof4


    i've had this happen a couple of times. my guess is that the code sequence goes awry and it's either looking at the previous or next code generated. what i did was make sure i had entered the last code, then shut down TWS, rebooted my computer (prolly not necessary) and then tried again- each time that has worked.

    makes me nervous though, if their system gets a ghost in the machine, and nobody can lon in using their token, then it will be chaos. scary thought and yet another reason to have a backup broker- easier said than done when you trade the HSI/HHI.HK...
  4. escrow


    same problem here. In fact the security token challenge returns a null

    I also get the message "login locked"
  5. rcj


    Tried to get into acct management. I could not get in.

  6. me too
  7. rcj


    Ok, i tried a shutdwn and restsrt. Still no login. Wow!!
  8. funbet


    Having the same prob here, what is happening man, wish I get the CARD instead
  9. rcj


    Jeezz ... this could get real exciting ...
  10. rcj


    we is screwed ....
    #10     Oct 3, 2007