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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Monsoon, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Monsoon


    what time does it usually allow one to login on sunday?
    I know the site says 12 noon, but what is the average time it is really available?
  2. Monsoon


    are you guys having problems or is it just me?
  3. tjuggler


    Typical of cust service from IB. No info on their website about this. Where are you DEF?
  4. Monsoon


    i may have mis read... and perhaps I will be able to get on later..
  5. I usually can login by 5pm EST on Sundays. That's all that I can tell you. :(
  6. It has been around 4-5pm, at least for the last year or two.
  7. I usually can login after 1PM Sunday ET. But it makes no diffrence because futures markets dont open untill 6:30 PM ET on Sunday.
  8. I tried to do my taxes last night, but couldn't log into any IB account (on the Account Login, not the Trading login!) It always gave me a 500.

    Today, I could log into my universal account, but not into my old commodities account.

    The 1099 is available only for the universal account (the second half of 2002). Under "old account", which is the stock account which was converted into the universal account in July, I can only get a 1099 for 2001, nothing for 2002.

    Not that I particularly care, I just reconstructed all the necessary information from my monthly statements, but I'm a little worried about being audited (since I have to assume the IRS has not received a 2002 1099 for my old stock account either). I also hope neither I nore IB get fined.

    Thinking about this whole situation I had another idea: The way it is right now, the IRS basically knows everything about your finances, except when you physically handle cash. That means, they catch up to you sooner or later unless you are a hooker or waitress or in some other sort of "cash-only" business.

    So why don't we just eliminate physical money and instead have every transaction run through a cash account that the IRS would keep for every taxpayer. Instead of bills and coins you would use some sort of IRS debit card. Those cards could be made so that they allow direct card-to-card transactions with subsequent upload of the transaction information to the IRS whenever you connect to a network.

    The only people who would be seriously hurt by this would be the aforementioned tax evading professions. But if everyone else has to pay tax, why not those people as well?

    And the best part about it: No need to file your taxes anymore. The IRS computer will determine everything automatically, since it will be able to assume that it has ALL relevant information available in realtime (or almost in real time). Of course, it would require some simplification of the tax laws, but the only thing you would really have to account for would be loans and investments, which the parties of the transaction could easily designate by pushing a button on their cards, the rest could be treated as income. This should work for most average people. If you want to do more complicated accounting (like deducting expenses from your income etc), you would have to start a corporation or some other form of separate entity and do that entity's taxes like we do them now.

    But the 90% who have a few W2s, a few 1099s, and maybe some medical expenses and a mortgage shold not have to bother with all the paperwork.
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    Juggler - if you look in the web site it does say 12 NYT on Sunday. That's when the processes start up. There will be a new web site launched soon with updated information.

    So where am I. I DON"T LIVE ON THIS SITE, I don't read all the threads and I definately didn't receive any PM's or e-mails from you.

    IB has round the clock service Sunday from 6:30 PM till Friday evening. That's when the markets are open.
  10. No but I think IB should send you a bonus for all the help you've given us customers. :) Thanks for taking what's obviously your own time to help out.
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