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  1. I am hoping that by the time this message gets posted that I will be able to log in. Typically I am able to log in on Sunday night by around 4:30 (2 hours before the start of the Globex session) but 45 minutes later it is a no go. On the hunch that the new version would work (which some have reported problems with) I installed it on a separate computer but still get no connection.

    Anyone else having problems logging in?
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    I can log in now...running an older version.
  3. I too have had trouble logging in, but my problems are greater than just one day. I also have had trouble on saturdays... Perhaps I just hadn't noticed that I was unable to logon to IB on saturdays because I haven't tried before....

    When are they supposed to be available?
  4. For the futures server, my experience is that the live TWS server is unavalable after the Friday night update (about 11:45) until Sunday at about 4:00 PM when it becomes avaliable again.

    I'm still getting nothing at 15 mins to 6:30 on the newest version and on the previous version.
  5. Just got off the IB chat. They said it would be fixed in 5-10 mins and lo and behold it is now working 5 mins later. WTG IB!!!!
  6. IB Chat...how do you access this?
  7. I haven't gotten the IB Chat feature to work in weeks.... neither netscape 6 or IE 5.5 seem to be able to load it properly. Is anyone else having this problem??? :confused:
  8. From my experience IB is up and running for Futures between the following hours (Eastern time):

    Mon-Fri 12:30 A.M. - 11:50 P.M.
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday 4:30 PM - 11:50 P.M.
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