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  1. Has anyone experienced login issues with TWS? I was able to log onto TWS Friday afternoon, however, I have been unable to log in since. Reviewed IB FAQ's, un-installed java, re-installed java, repaired IE 7, (all aniti-virus and pop-up disabled) problem persists.

    After entering user name and password on login screen. The "login in progress" dialogue box remains blank then blinks on screen for a milli-second approximately every 10-seconds. attempted, stand alone, web based and applet, all to no avail...

    Steve IB, if you are monitoring ET today, any help would be appreciated,

    thank you.
  2. You may want to check the system hours for TWS off of the website. If you are trying to log in to TWS over the weekend, it is down until sometime on Sunday (check the website for specific hours).
  3. Thank you very much, I thought that may be the case, however, did not find system hours on website, new to IB and wanted to learn the software over the weekend... I thought they were only down at night for a few hours at 11:00pm.

    appreciate the help.... found it... Thanks

    System Availability
    IB operates three main computing centers around the globe: Europe, the U.S. and Hong Kong. New customers are automatically assigned to one of these server facilities based upon their location and/or trading preferences.

    System Availability North American Servers European Servers Asian Servers
    Monday-Friday 24 hours, Mon 00:20 – Fri 23:45 EST
    Saturday Not available
    Sunday Starting 12:00 EST
    Reset times 23:50 – 03:00 EST* 03:59 – 05:00 HKT*

    *System resets will occur throughout the above periods. Accounts will be unavailable for approximately 1 minute in this period.

    While IB offers 24 hour trading, there is a brief period in each business day where certain services may be temporarily unavailable as part of regular system maintenance. This reset period is usually less than 1 minute for most accounts and are scheduled during the times described above

    During the reset period, there will be an interruption in the ability to login or manage orders. Existing orders (native types) will operate normally although execution reports and simulated orders will be delayed until the reset is complete.
  4. Ib is usually down for maintenance (at least for the TWS and internal transfers) from fridays 10 minutes before midnight to 3PM ET on sunday.
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    In theory it's 12N New York time on Sundays. In practice, it is usually a bit sooner for me except after options expiration (like today), when it's a bit later.
  6. I'm unable to login even today!!

    What's up?

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    Working fine for me.
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    according to your screen shot, IB system was OK. There were problems at the exchanges, but those were not in IB's domain.