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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by janko, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. janko


    hey guys just wondering if any of you have any problems logging into the TWS at night, ok after 1am eastern time. on their site is says its available after 12:30 am but every time i try to log on it just keeps saying trying to log on and nothing happenes. i tried both the web java form and the downloaded as well. is there something i am missing. thnx a bunch
  2. bronks


    Woops, I just posted the same thing on my thread. I hope it gets resolved soon.
  3. bronks


    This is absolutely wonderful. I can't log on and the price keeps bumping up steadily. Outstanding. AAAAaaaaaaarrggh!!!
  4. bronks


    I know I said a wide stop but this is F**K'N ridiculous.

    Edit/ Back online
  5. def

    def Sponsor

    Didn't see these posts till now. The restart should be done at 12:30 but sometimes takes longer.

    On a promising note: Work is currently being conducted to allow for 24 access without any downtime. It's a pretty big job but if all goes well it will only be a few weeks away.

    If you need out of a position after 12:30 AM and you're unable to login, open a chat and the help desk should be able to assist.
  6. bronks


    Thanks DEF. Didn't mean to get all aggro and stuff. IB has been nothing but stellar for me otherwise. Thanks for the reply and info.
  7. alanm


    It's been up at 00:30 (+/- a few seconds) pretty reliably for me in recent months where I've been buring the midnight oil. Tonight's problem is pretty rare.

    Glad to hear about the coming 24-hour access DEF!