IB logged me out at 13.25pm...Mkt Tanked...

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Digs, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Digs


    I am going to move, any one using XOOMTRADE...

    Please comment on there services...
  2. There was a internet level network failure with a major NYC gateway, that was
    probably what you just experienced.

    I wonder if people really want to bash IB only.
  3. this crap is just too funny every time their 'puter hiccups its IB's fault :p
  4. At that time my esignal got hung up and some else said their ET chat failed.
  5. saxon


    Hmm...that "internet level network failure with a major NYC gateway" didn't keep somebody from trading like there was no tomorrow for a few minutes.
  6. 70% of volume in futures mkts is done by exchange members. they certainly do not access via internet !
  7. How did you learn of this so fast? Are you singed up for some kind of alert or did you go to one of those internet traffic report sites?
  8. same thing here...cost me $150 in lost opp on the spot....maybe not tho if things come in again...

    yeah is there a net link that shows data about net traffic??
  9. No, when I was logged of I did several traceroutes to NYC / Chicago sites, they
    all failed at the same point.
    (Destination net unreachable)

    However, the providers quickly had
    switched over to backup lines and packets
    are routed elsewhere than normal now.
  10. Gateway my ass. I'm in Europe and connect via IB's Swiss server. Went down at exactly the same time: 13:25 EST.
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