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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by bundlemaker, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Just went to log in. Typed in my user name and password. The little log-in window pops up that says "login in progress..." and hangs for several minutes. Then I got an error message that said, "login failed - failed send NSMsg-java.net Socket Exception: Connection Reset"

    I tried several times with same result. What's going on?

  2. similar problems and i know in my case are due to the new java se6 i installed: i cant even get to the stage of user name and password, i get the message that cant validate the certificate. had to reset old java to log in. this only on the web based version.
  3. I am experiencing this with stand alone. Haven't upgraded to latest Java nor the latest TWS. I logged in this am fine. Now nada.
  4. Just worked fine for me.

    Note: Older Desktop version, US server.
  5. Got it to work, problem was on my end apparently. I upgraded to new Java and all is ok. Note, that at the Java website they specifically instruct you to do an uninstall of any old Java installs before the upgrade.
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    I have no problem in login. I have been using new Java release candidate 6 for a week now. I am happy with it. I always make clean uninstall previous Java before installing any new Java release.
  7. i have no idea how to uninstall old java on my mac; can u direct me to a site where i can find the instructions? i have browsed the net but cant find zip.

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    I am afraid I can't help because I have no idea about mac.
    Perhaps, someone reading this might help you.