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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shazam75, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. shazam75


    Hi All

    Can someone pls tell me when I can actually log into my live account on the weekends. I thought I could log in any time before 12pm (noon) Sat and Sun, but so far I cannot do this.

    I am in Brisbane, Australia.

  2. shazam75



    thanks for the link. So is that 1200 as in midnight Sunday NY time that the server will be up ?

  3. No, it's 12 in the afternoon. Like 5-6 hours before the Forex Open's. Yes, it's all NYC time.
  4. shazam75


    Oh damn :mad: - that means for us guys in Australia, all of Saturday after noon and Sunday we cannot log in -

    Oh well.

  5. maryp


    It is ridiculous that IB doesn't allow us to log in on weekends in this high technology era that we live in. Even if they want to work on their servers on the weekend, haven't they ever heard of swappable servers?

    They are many times when I need to make changes or set up positions to TWS on the weekend and cannot. Please consider changing this IB. Thanks.
  6. shazam75


    I agree with Mary - please change this - geez you guys must have heard of RAID back up technology ? Ok I don't mind if its down for like 8 hours - but all weekend??! thats rough!