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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by gbond52, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. gbond52


    Anyone has any experience with IB Lite. I can not get to WS from my office and IB Lite supposedly is the solution for trading from behind the fire wall.

  2. maxpi


    I've just never heard of IB lite, is the Interactivebrokers web trading app?

    My experience with work firewalls led me to just quit the job actually.... they zeroed in on me and just blocked everything I ever found to get around the firewall with no fanfare, nobody would tell me they were doing that so one day I would log in, pull up the software and it would just hang.... most employers have learned to hate people that trade from their cubie, the place I was working would not keep somebody past their trial period if they so much as mentioned trading... a machinist was trying to work out a trading schedule with his boss once, he was gone that same Friday, they pretty much had a pogrom on against traders...

    One solution is to get a laptop and wireless internet hookup, your own personal account, if it works in your building, and work only with that but they are going to figure out that when you are using your laptop you are not working and it will go against you...it's a risk/reward situation for you, reward of trading/risk of losing job or messing up career....