IB Liquidated March Treasuries

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  1. IB Liquidated March Treasuries overnight, a day early. If you had a position in March, you don't anymore. They don't answer their phones, the new chat function is useless. :mad:
  2. The liquidation trades have been removed. If that is not the case for your account please PM your details.
  3. No, no. You took them out of my account. I covered in June early this morning. I called and told the rep not to put the March back in, after waiting 5 min on the phone. He got me to make a voice confirmation for tape that I did not want the March put back in and send he would send an e-mail to confirm that. Instead, 10 minutes later, there are the March back in my account. Not one e-mail respone from you guys and the e-chat function is not being answered. You guys fucked up and the customer service fucked up and is non-exitent today. Of course I don't expect you to acknowledge that. Sorry for spewing here. :mad:
  4. Please PM your details. Without specifics I can't investigate exactly what happened. This was our error and we've been working to correct it.
  5. There is nothing to investigate. IB has messed up several times, its impossible to get ahold of anybody in a timely fashion and when you do they don't do what they say they will do. Arrogant bunch.:mad:
  6. It is not a 'mess up.' You need to make yourself aware of the IB close-out deadlines.

    I have here in my notes:

    For March contracts:

    ZN: Longs 2/27, Shorts 3/21
    ZT: Longs 2/26, Shorts 3/20

    For June contracts:

    ZN: Longs 5/30, Shorts 6/20
    ZT: Longs 5/29, Shorts 6/19

    You need to read the IB rules on this and plan in advance. It is your own fault.

    *You need to review this:

  7. BlueHorseShoe, you have no idea what you are talking about. Read what the IB rep said above, they closed out the positions early. WAKE UP

    Per IB e-mail: There were liquidation trades that occurred in this account yesterday 2006 02 26. These trades occurred prematurely. We are offering compensation for the commission from the transaction as well as any loss incurred in rolling the contract. In order to receive this compensation we require a verbal confirmation that you would be willing to accept the liquidation trade in the account.:mad:
  8. http://www.interactivebrokers.com/e...calDeliveryLiquidationRules.php?ib_entity=llc

    Wake up and read it yourself. It is right there as plain as .... Greek. :p
  9. I will not rant and rave about this, but the same happened to me. To replace the sold Marchs IB sold out Sunday night I bought the equal number of Junes early (1 AM) Monday, and then at 11:30 today I check my account to learn that I now have twice the contracts I wanted, since the Marchs had mysteriously reappeared.

    I haven't had any major problems with IB, and although I don't consider this a major problem, I am anxious to find out how IB is going to make this right.
  10. are you goddamn blind, did you read what the rep said in his earlier post, what the e-mail said that they sent, PREMATURE. They are offering to make good on commissions/spread roll costs, that IS AN ADMISSION OF A MISTAKE. I'll say it again slowly for you, they admit they made a mistake. Retard.
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