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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by r-in, Sep 4, 2003.

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    New to trading, and I am wondering with IB I put in a limit order to sell QQQ at 32.88. On the screen it shows I filled at 32.86 and the p&l reflects the same. Why would it fill me 32.86 on a 32.88 sell limit? It was a smart order that filled on island. Asking here because I was waiting to long to get someone on the chat at IB.
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    the execution window will show your execution price. send a mail to the help desk asking for a review of your audit trail. if you were filled at that price, odds are that you made an input error. the audit trail should be able to tell what was entered in on your end.
  3. IB's P&L column figures in commissions as well. That may be the reason it looks like you got filled at .86 :confused: Or is it actually showing a fill at .86 on the "Trades" screen?

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    Fast ,

    When did IB start putting commissions in P & L??? I do not think that is the case.

  5. It shows it in the P&L column on my TWS.

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    in the trade window. 32.88 was still showing as my limit price for a few seconds after the fill, and I did a triple take as the fill was showing 32.86 while it was showing a 32.88 limit, so pretty sure i had it in right. I will follow up as you suggested , and thank you.
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    I looked again, with Def's and Fasts posts more on my mind. I hadn't looked under Trades, just Accounts which seemed to reflect same thing. Trades shows fill as 32.88. Still not quite sure why it showed 32.86 as average price on Order mgmt page, but guessing it figures in the avg after commissions on a round turn. I only did 100sh to get a feel for system with equities, so that makes sense I think. Which I think is what Fast was saying.
    Thank you, and I'll look a little harder in the future.
  8. Yea, the Avg Cost and P&L column figure in commissions which is actually a good thing.