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  1. I was trying to close a number of positions and some orders would not turn green. When I called , a message said the wait was more than 10 minutes, calling again later, another menu option, another recorded message (a bitchy female voice) says if I want to close a position and press 1 I will be charged "automatically" $30. Didn't it use to be free in case of technical problem ?

    What amazes me is how some of TWS unnerving quirks never go away despite the upgrades that eat up all computer resources for new features I never use . Ex : pull up ZN you still get CBOT as first choice instead of ECBOT.
    and some of your settings stillget loest during the upgrade
  2. My only problem with the latest version of TWS is that a lot of orders always "hang" in the basket trader window *after* they're filled and they won't go away, screwing up the entire basket page.

    Actually, the other quirck I seem to notice also is a *LOT* more disconnects/reconnects for 5-10 sec each time where previous versions were more "rock-solid".
  3. It sounds like you're having the same "pink-out" problem that I've been having. IB has stated that it's a server problem on their end, but I can't believe it hasn't been fixed after three or four weeks.

  4. sure I encountered the problem too
  5. Yes, that's what I was referring to.

    The funny thing about all of us discussing issues with IB is that it must somehow give the impression to non-customers that their software must not be very good which is not the case at all. It is however beneficial to all to share and discuss such issues on an open forum like this so that a problem/solution may be identified in the quickest manner possible.

  6. There is the benefit in making the software / setup look bad that we will get less n00bs joining IB and causing unneeded support hassles (not saying that anyone in this thread except perhaps robin is in that category).

    I wonder if I'm fortunate to be trading off the Hong Kong server for Asian markets because there are a number of us out here and we are not seeing these problems. Is it because we're futures only? Or is the server farm more lightly loaded?

    One thing ... for any n00bie readers of this thread ... if you don't know what you are doing I support the recommendation that you stay away from IB. Its a low cost high technology provider and "service" and "hand holding" are NOT in their mission statement. Experienced traders only need apply.
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    Yeah, good advice, but what does pink orders that won't fill got to do with noobie traders needing hand holding? If you were to get such things, how would you as an experienced trader handle it?
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    Yes, from what I've heard at ET, IB is really the pits for reliability.

    You may wish to check out one of Success Trade's platforms:


    I hope this helps.

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    Guys, I just do not get it, why don’t you just call the desk and confirm that you positions were closed and/or ask IB rep to close them when you have these issues. Seems very simple to me.
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