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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by macal425, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to save the column layout for TWS.
    I can't display the whole page so I have to change the column widths to be able to see what I need to see. This can be a pain to set up every morning for 8 pages of stocks.
  2. tymjr


    I'm not sure if you are referring to the underlying columns or the bid/ask, but my trading partner has been complaining that he has been unable to save his setup with the newest version. The "Save Settings" seems to have no effect.
  3. fleance


    I believe Save Settings only preserves the list of contracts on each page, not any of the column settings.

    I just upgraded to the latest build, and now resizing the columns is even more annoying!!

    Since I only trade stocks with BEST_ECN route, I normally resize the contract column to only show the symbol which saves some space. Now I have to hide the Exch and Desription columns; Unfortunately, there is a minimum width '..' for each column so I can't completely hide them. It looks kind of ugly.

    Even worse, they made entering a new symbol an even more painful process. Now, after typing in a symbol, I have to click 'Stock' on the popup window #1, and then I have to click 'BEST_ECN' on the route popup window. Before it was just a single popup..

    Also, on one of my pages, I can't enter a new symbol. I get the message 'You must enter a valid exchange when using a symbol-based query'. I've never seen that message before.

    On some other thread I requested many useability improvements to the JTWS, including saving the column/window settings and simplying order entry by allowing the user to set contract defaults for contract type and route. For myself, I would have it set to Stock and BEST_ECN (1st choice) and BEST (2nd choice of NYSE).
    The Hot Keys are cool, esp. the increase/decrease size and price. But I find editing a contract page very tedious because the delete and insert keys do no delete line and insert lines. You have to right-click, and select 'Insert Ticker', 'Insert Row', 'Delete Row'. Arrgh. There should be HotKeys for these operations.. Actually the 'Cancel' could also double as a delete..

    The tabular display of contracts and orders is very nice and better that others I have used PreferredTrade, CyberX, but they really need to work on useability to make up for the fact they don't have an integrated charting like RealTick, CyberTrader, etc.

    The absolute worst part of JTWS is the position mgmt 'Account Information'. This window wastes a huge amounty of space, does not show realtime profit/loss on each position and all open positions, does not have quick way to liquidate positions or preload onto an order page with quantities set to positive size (helps when you have 537 shares of something..). Also there is *often* a delay, sometimes up to 15-20 seconds, in updating the position list. The Account Balances update immediately as soon as an order is executed on the Order Page, but for some reason the positions themselves can take awhile to update. Realtick and CyberX/CyberTrader are very superior in this area.

  4. I agree with the previous posts, we need to be able to save columns layout. Also the 40 symbol limit per page is a pain in the butt. But most importantly and I don't know if you guys had this experience but I find TWS slow, I am not talking about quotes accuracy or execution speed here : when I change page it takes about 2-3 seconds for the new page to show, when I open the account page it takes sometimes 3 seconds or more to close it and I would click sometimes several times to close it. I have 128 MB of RAM, run QT + a few browser windows. I believe this is because TWS is java based, all java apps have a tendency to be slow when you open them.
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    fleance et al,
    agree with you on the column width saving. Don't know if/when your suggestion will be implemented but I did pass it along to appropriate parties.

    As for kicking, i may be mistaken but if you have 40 symbols per page, that may be the reason for your delay. I would guess the limit of 40 per page is to conserve utilization of the network.
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    Looking for a previous post on assigning a 'sound' to IB executions. Could someone direct me to how this is accomplished? TIA
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    in the control panel u go to sounds+multimedia and then if u activate the default beep it should work. also u can assign every other sound to it.
    I hope I understood Your question.

  9. BigEd


    Thanks. That's currently the way it is configured, but I'll also check some other settings.