IB Launches Canadian Stocks!

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Steve_IB, Aug 21, 2003.

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    This week we have launched -

    Belgium - Equity index futures and options
    Canada - Stocks
    Germany - Equity options (not available to US resident customers due to SEC restrictions)
    Japan - Equity index futures and options
    Netherlands - Equity index futures
    UK - Equity options (not available to US resident customers due to SEC restrictions)
    Canadian equity options, equity index options, and equity index futures as well as Dutch equity index options will follow shortly.

    Canadian stocks are C$0.02 per share, subject to C$2 min.

  2. 2 cents a share? why so steep? Can we assume this will come down if your volumes are substantial?

    Although this compares favourably to TDWaterhouse Canada and Etrade Canada both @ 3 cents a share.

    There's barely any reason to trade Cdn markets as it is .lol.
  3. Steve, you listed some equity and index options that are not available to US such as UK/Germany but not Japan and Belguim. does that mean that US trader can trade these options?
  4. def

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    Japan's are CFTC approved and thus tradeable in the states. I'm not sure about the others but you can check the CFTC web site for details or wait a day or two for the formal notice with details to be released.

    2 cent a share. that's 2 cent a share canadian dollars and includes all costs. looks like a good deal to me - especially when converting to a real currency :)
  5. lescor


    How does it work if your acct is in US dollars? I guess each transaction is converted to C$, or do you have to set up a seperate account?
  7. ctrader


    Do they offer this?
  8. not yet
  9. taodr


    Why would you be concerned with rrsp's. If you are a trader you should not be concerned about that. rrsp's are a lot of nonsense anyway. The governments's way of keeping tabs on your money .
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    what are you smoking? obviously you don' t make much money since you are not concerned with the amount of tax you pay.
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