IB lagging and stuck quotes for ES

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  1. Is anyone else having problems with IB regarding lagging quotes for ES mini contracts.
    I am comparing quotes with those from CME marketsound and qcharts.
    Was bad yesterday after FOMC announcement. Happening again today.
  2. I also experienced lagging quotes today on the ES. Granted, after a Fed announcement it might be expected, but it seems to be a recurring condition lately. Today, I noticed the lag a few times when about 1000 contracts/minute traded. I'm not sure if the problem is only specific to the ES. I haven't traded the NQs lately. If someone using IB who's been trading the NQs could verify, I would be grateful. Good trading.
  3. ES on IB lagged several times today. I use RealTick for charts which is very dependable, so I can tell when IB is incorrect.
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    I had a horrible lag on ES & NQ yesterday. IB tech support verified their end was ok. Trace route showed bad internet lag. IB tech support was also talking to another account holder located about 20 miles from me (I am in Colorado Springs) with same problem. It appears that Qwest.net DSL may have been the problem although they never acknowledge that they ever have any problems with their system. Any one else having problems using Qwest?
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    In past postings, I’ve mentioned the subject of IB’s poor platform performance but I’ve never stressed my personal feelings regarding its Globex functionality. Well, I’m about to change all that. IT SUCKS! IMHO, IB should only be a back-up broker, at best, used strictly for offsets.
    IB quotes are perennially slow in comparison with my data feeds and the software I predominantly execute on. For a long time these observations were purely anecdotal but I’ve since done side-by-side comparisons between J-Trader and TWS. These tests were conducted since Sept. at various times throughout the trading day. I’ve compared quotes and executions transmitted at the same moment on identical DSL and cable connections as well as alternating these lines. Time after time, IB came out the loser.

    IB’s quotes consistently lag, due in part to a slow rate of refresh I’d assume. Executions are inconsistent. Delays were most often apparent from the “transmission” to the “working” phase, but can manifest during confirmations, as well. These delays can make the difference between a limit order being filled properly or at all and it can create significant slippage on market orders.

    The worst, of course, is IB’s unnerving ability to hang an order. In these situations, TWS gives no indication that the order has been received and is “working”. It simply “hangs” in a “transmitting” state. Now this type of situation wouldn’t normally present a problem except for those instances when I cancel the order after the market has traded some distance away form my intended entry. Now comes the fun part. The cancel “hangs” in a “transmitting” state, as well. According to the TWS colors the order is now neither “working” nor “cancelled”. It’s in Cyber Limbo. An unacceptable number of minutes pass as I wait on hold for the IB trade desk and the order continues to hang in a “pending” state.

    Ironically, only during those instances when the market trades back through my entry and begins moving against me does the platform suddenly become operational. The order confirmation springs to life, although, according to TWS, IB never received the order in the first place. In those instances when the market has continued in my favor, the trade desk has simply informed me that there was an error and no fill occurred. I can assure you that I have never been on the best end of this type of situation. While this is rare and not nearly as prevalent a problem as the others I’ve sited, it is the most suspicious and infuriating.

    While others may object to my comments, and claim that I am illustrating situations that are not common to most IB customers, I can only speak to my own experience. An experience that through time and testing has more than convinced me that IB has a long way to go before it can realistically compete, in terms of it’s speed and reliability over Globex, with the other brokers I use. In fact, it seems to be somewhat of a joke to other professionals I’ve spoken with.

    IB may offer marginally lower RT rates, but I can guarantee you that those minuscule savings have more than been eaten away by its piss poor quote and execution capabilities. I believe that if other futures traders were to perform the same tests, that they would run, not walk away form IB as a primary broker. At the very least, a trader should do his own comparisons to evaluate what he may be missing.

    I can firmly say that I have never regretted my decision to drastically limit my trading with IB. In fact, if you consider IB’s virtually non-existent, apathetic customer support and a trade desk that you’ll likely have difficulty getting through to in a timely manner during an emergency, then I can safely say that I have actually profited by it.

    As I’ve said, I’m sure others will have objections, particularly def. I would like to say that I have the utmost respect for def. I am simply relaying my experiences. Unfortunately, they have almost exclusively been negative.
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    tymjr I think I remember you saying that you use PMB and jtrader with them, who else do you use? Who in your opinion is the most reliable?
  7. Mutley,

    IB said it was your connection? I wonder why traders all over the country had the same problem? And other quote systems on the same internet connections worked normally?
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    Before we start complaining about lag, what kind of connection to the internet do we have? Is it a dial up?

    Anyone who has a dial up connection is living in the dark ages and has no reason to complain. Sorry.
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    >Anyone who has a dial up connection is
    >living in the dark ages and has no reason
    >to complain. Sorry

    Ok, I guess I have a reason then -- T1 speed cable modem. "Sorry".

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    i'm not going to object to your experience. if that's what you observed how can i. from the feedback i rec'd your problems do not appear systemic. as for the quote lag, i passed yesterdays thread to programming and one of the top guys is looking into it. like any other issues that have arose in the past, i am certain this will be resolved.
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