IB killed my cat. No, not really, but they did hold a CC

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  1. Surprised no one posted it here, at least I didn't see it.

    CEO Mr. Peterffy spent time answering questions and while he sounded a little tired , probably been a long week, the call addressed many of the questions on the minds of customers.

    Hosted by Fox-Pitt Kelton
    Thomas Petterfy, CEO IBG
    Ed Ditmire, FPK Analyst

    To replay the call dial:
    (800) 756-1819
    (203) 369-3011
  2. Good call. Worth listening to if you are an IB customer.
  3. Notice if it isn't a bash a some absurd comment, there's no interest.
  4. For anybody outside of the US: Just use Skype to call the toll free number to listen to the conference call via your computer.
  5. Just by going over all your posts in defense of IB, it is quite clear you are a shill for them
  6. Unpaid too.

    And what are you?
  7. Of course..

    Just go over my posts and try to figure out what my agenda is and let us know.(and please don't say I am an IB basher, I still haven't received an answer to my QUESTION from Def regarding the reason for a having only a size limit in Forex.., by the way I recommended IB for spot in one of my last posts)
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    I would expect Def gave up on that thread, unfortunately IB related threads always seem to go off out of control. It is kind of strange that an IB bashing or credibity thread takes off out of control and a thread such as this one, which provides a view directly from our chairman gets overlooked. I would guess the thread I just posted about the student winning $100k in our college olympiad will get a similar lack of response from our competitors.

    Back to your issue: If you want to have your size increased in FX to over $6m then please let me know by PM. If you are currently trading this size and need the limit increased then I would be very willing to spend time to explain the reasons for the policy and the mechanics of the FX market. I will say that it's nothing to do with whether someone makes money from your flow or whether you're a winning trader or losing trader. We make money on the commission we charge on the FX trade, so it's in our interest to let you trade as much as you want. The banks don't know your identity, and even if you are a constant loser you would be trading with different banks anyway. Also remember it's only a per order limit not a position limit, there's nothing to stop you from placing multiple orders of $6m.