IB k200 intraday chart could not refresh

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by joesan, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Last several days, I can not refresh K200 futures 1,5,15,30,60 minutes intraday chart in IB TWS. But sgxnk and Hsi are ok.

    Anyone experience the same situation ?
  2. IB's chart is never good. The TICK for the KSE is way off during fast movement.

    Get something else like a quotetracker.
  3. Yes, I have exactly the same problem with K200. There is no historical data for Monday and Tuesday. I havn't checked for today. HSI, SGXNK, SPI are all OK.
  4. It's not an issue with the charts, it's an issue with the data.
  5. joesan


    I see. Some IB guys here ? Could you fix the problem soon ?
  6. I think there is a data problem.

    SGX and SPI have problems too. Luckily the most recent contracts are intact. All future contracts except SSIU6.SGX and APU6.SPI, should get no data.

    Check it out yourself.

    Time to call IB.
  7. I just did, SGXNK and SPI are OK. K200 is still broken.
  8. What do u mean not refreshing? U mean only on TWS, right? I am getting the data fine through owndata to tradestation.
  9. K200 history data for Mon thru Wed of this week is broken - ie not working though the API, and no doubt not working via the inbuilt TWS charts also. I can't see that QuoteTracker or anything else will make any difference.
  10. SPI is okay now. My mistake?

    SGXNK and K200 are not okay for me.

    See attachment.
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