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  1. the banks in taiwan is paying something like 1.5bps/yr on YEN account. shouldn't ib be paying something
  2. You mean for long yen or short yen?
    If you are trading yen in ideal pro against any currency you will be charged prohibitive interest.
    if you are keeping JPY balance in your a/c for trading Japanese stocks or home currency ,your question is valid.But major naks charge interest from you to keep your japanese money deposited in the bank!!@!!!
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    1.5 bps = 0.015% interest or .00015

    .015% on 100K = $15

    we are not talking a significant sum here. unfortunately in a near 0 interest rate environment, it isn't feasible to alter our interest rate schedule.
  4. Hi DEF
    talking about +ve and negative interest carry,
    If I want to trade small in idealpro say trading minimum allowed size US$ 30,000 Long usd/short JPY
    what is the daily credit interest in USD?
    If IB does not pay +ve credit interest for less than USD100k transaction,what is the credit interest for a standard 100k long USD/Short JPY position?

    Also one more newbie question
    If I keep a some what (not exactly 100%) neutral spread position say
    100K Sell USD/buy Euro
    100K Buy USD/Sell CHF
    will I get net net credit interest/day.If so how many USD per day for this transaction.
    Iam aware CHF may strengthen independent of Euro if there is war or instability in Middle east.