IB Java versus Tradestation C++

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Clam, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Clam


    About to leave IB for Tradestation...

    IB's Java Chartrader is a flop cannot configure more than 9 charts or it crashes...using WiFi.

    Sometimes to a bluescreen!!!

    ANYONE use WiFi to trade ,instead of a hard wire?
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    Sometimes to bluescreen?!?!

    This seems highly unusual and would point to something being wrong with your hardware or OS.

    Just some suggests, in order of importance:

    - Does your desktop/laptop run hot? Is the fan constantly running? Have you blown out the vents (laptop) or insides (desktop) with compressed air? Potential issue for BSoD.
    - Are you running the latest hardware driver updates? Potential issue for bluescreen of death.
    - Have all OS patches been installed? Potential issue for BSoD.
    - Is Java up to date? Though I'm not sure if the latest TWS is certified for Java v7, at a minimum you'll want to make sure you're running their preferred version. Doubtful cause of BSoD.

    Would hate for you to switch and not have issues resolved so you might check into the above first. If you've done all of the above then it could be defective thermal cooling paste under a heatsink which was noted on some GPUs.
  4. Clam


    Thanks, checking drivers to see if current on Asus G73jw.4 mnoth new...
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    One thing I left out is firmware and BIOS. You might also check if there are any firmware or BIOS updates for your hardware.

    I did some digging...

    Asus G73jw Downloads Page

    I also did a Google search for "Asus G73jw BSoD" and one user found memory errors after running memtest which were causing BSoD. If this is your issue, you may be able to swap out the RAM yourself, but you may have to ship it to have it covered under warranty.

    Good luck. Sounds like a nice laptop if you can resolve the problems.
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    Previous to your last kind reply.
    I had already checked Ram,with Memtest86+.It showed lots of RED errors...I then tested each stick...all were OK!

    Crashes 2 or 3 times approx;5-25 minutes after loading TWS.Then will run ok untill the close !!On this g73jw.
    This has been going on with diff;variations for 5 years...
    The Tech support response ...Too many charts,decrease from 35 to 12...!

    No difference.This has happened on 3 different laptops!...On a WIFI connection 6down,3up.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. hey I've been using das trader for charts, you can run like 30 1min charts or maybe more if your pc is fast enough.
  8. Do not move to tradestation. They're data is crap.

    You should stay at IB and look into MultiCharts.