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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Lawrence Chan, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. I switched over to the new (not so new) TWS 4 couple of weeks back but then can never place a trade anymore due to the new firewall settings.

    I cannot get our network admin to "poke" a hole in our local network firewall to get TWS working.

    Anyway having similar experience ?

    It is very frustrating.

  2. Babak


    It seems you should be taking to your local admin (he will need the IB´s IP address inorder to let you through the firewall).
  3. Maybe they don't want you to trade on the job? :) :p :D

    I know my company will NEVER poke a hole in the firewall for any personal reasons... have you tried bribing your network admin?
  4. ddefina


    Just hook into an outside line with a modem. Administrators love that!
  5. tntneo

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    you may want to try firewall passthrough.
    here are some examples. be careful, this may be against your company's policy and get you in trouble.
    these are just other options you may not know, it's up to you (they may also fail to work with IB).



    there are others, please if someone can help just post links to them (remember to always check for viruses !.. your admin hates that too!)

  6. As the hole poking, bribing :cool:, does not work.

    Will go for tunnelling and post an update whether it works.

    Thank you.

  7. I can now access TWS thru the web version (that did not work 2 weeks ago).

    The standalone one still not working but what the heck, I can access my account finally :)

    No firewall changes needed at all, as suggested by admin.

    One issue though, it feels very slow using the TWS4 comparing to V3.

  8. ouwooga

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    Another way to get through the firewall would be to create a middle man web server. Setup the web site to take orders and then have the server connect to the TWS using the API. This would probably be a significant amount of work however.