IB is using high margins for VIX futures in an IRA

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  1. They are doing like 10,300 and triple that for overnight. Who does better with an IRA and rock bottom low commissions and futures margin?
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  2. Vix futures in an IRA? Isn't that an oxymoron?

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    We offer Futures with custody at Wedbush Futures. CQG Desktop and QTrader can reach the CFE. If you open your futures account using a Self Directed IRA company like Midland IRA, we offer exchange margin. Our rates for futures start at $0.60/Future plus the cost of CQG, NFA, exchange clearing. Email me directly to discuss this and how we monitor risk.

  4. Robert,

    Do you offer any CQG product that provides access to historical data were access is already priced into the monthly rate? Looking for limited historical tick data access and longer term 1-min and daily Bar access. Preferably for global markets not just US exchanges. I can consider routing a significant amount of order flow your way for currencies, US futures, and US stocks but for historical data I prefer access to non US exchanges as well.

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    CQG-IC is very expensive and can be used for analysis and/or trading. Many CTAs use it for analysis. Try the demo and see if it meets your needs. We only offer this for Futures.

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    We have switched a bunch of customers
    We can set special margin rates for day trading the VIX, and keep the same overnight margin as the exchanges for your individual and IRA accounts. Based on your daily activity we can set commissions rates that will be fair.

    I believe that your IRA is with IB which is also the custodian and that may impose certain restrictions as a result.
    You can trade the VIZ through CQG, TT or T4. We can choose that based on needs as well.
    We can provide free platforms if necessary.