IB: Is this serious? I guess not...

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  1. Merkur


    regarding 1000$ commissions rebate:

    Dear Mr. Peterffy,

    as you can see below I was affected by the problems of Aug/01. In your email you told me, that the first 1000$ of the commissions for August will be refunded.

    I have actually two accounts:

    The older one is a "futures only", ID xxxxx. In August I switched to my new "universal account" Uxxxxx.

    In the first account I produced 196,80$ commissions.

    But in the universal account I had in August approx. 2000-3000$ in commissions!

    Yesterday the first account was credited with 196,80$.

    You wrote "one account per user", but why the account was chosen with the less of commissions?

    What about your sentence "we will credit your account with the first $1,000. - of your
    commission expenses for the month of August."

    I had nearly 3000$(!) of commissions expenses in August, but got only a credit of 196,80$.

    Do you think, that's correct?


    Answer from Mr. Peterffy himself:

    We run an automated system and can not afford to and have no facilities to make
    one by one exceptions.
    We identified the accounts that experienced the problem and applied the rule
    as stated in my letter.

    "No facilities(!) to make one by one exeptions"??? A joke?


    Mr. Peterffy,

    I know that you run an automated system. That's not the problem. The problem ist that I was affected by the problem as I used account xxxxx, and that I switched later to the new unversal account, so that the almost all commissions were produced in this account.

    This "1000$ rebate" should be a "reparation" for the occured interuptions in my trading facilities, right? So it's independent from a single account.

    So in my oppinion you have broke your promise. I am sorry, that's my conclusion. It shouldn't be a problem to manually credit the residuary 800$. Or I am wrong?


    Still awaiting answer...


    p.s. Sorry, english is not my native language.
  2. might want to remove your account number near the bottom too. :)
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  4. Any news ?
  5. i received one/mine
  6. Merkur


    No further answer, really disappointing.

    Will held this thread up in this forum as long as i get no further answer.

    A good advertisement for IB. The CEO of IB himself does not hold his own promises.

  7. Merkur



    This month my payed commissions will be approx. 5000$.

    IB is getting arrogant, they even don't care about "better" customers.