IB Is So Unreliable

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by pspr, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. pspr


    Once again, IB is having problems when the market starts moving. I've been logged off twice already this morning and currently it still won't log back on.

    I'm getting tired of this. It is costing me money!
  2. same here.:(
  3. funky


  4. pspr


    It seems the TWS won't log itself back in either. I have to wait then close it and restart the damn thing.
  5. It failed me too. After trying many times, it stopped and I had to do the same as you.
  6. shyhh


    The problem has gotten pretty bad lately. Quote delays and system downs. I hope they are seriously looking into this.
  7. I've only had TWS go berzerk 5x so far. Just about the usual lately... :D
  8. pspr


    Well, since the lunch hours is upon us I guess I'll wait a couple hours before looking for another trade and see if IB can "keep it up" for more than a couple minutes at a time. he he he he he
  9. H2O


    No problems until a few minutes ago.
    Got logged off, couldn't log back in.
    Called service desk : "
    - "We are aware of the problem, in fact it's being solved as we speak."
    - "OK, can you please check on my open orders, I had 1 open order when TWS went down.... sell 10 TNote contracts"
    - "Yes, I can, please give me your acct. nr. "
    When I was giving him my nr. TWS came back up and I saw I was filled, (closed position immediatley at 1 tick gain)

    Problem solved.

    All I can say is this.

    TWS should be stable 100 % but since this is not possible (nothing = 100 %) their service desk should be fast and effective.

    In my case this has always been OK. I have very little problems (this was the first log-off in months and it was handled pretty OK)

    We are using
    - Internet, software and hardware and there's a lot of resourses / connections at IB's end. If this is the worse that happens (about 3 minutes logged out), I don't say it's OK, but you get my point....
  10. monkey


    My own theory is that they have signed up more customers than their infrastructure can currently handle.

    A definite downside of fast growth.
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