IB is Refco 2.0!

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  1. sorry if you lost money in IBKR or if you are miffed you are not

    super rich from the IPO but give me a break

    you and some others out there really need to give

    IBKR some time here ... there is no comparision between

    refco and Interactive Brokers

    or between Interactive Brokers and vonage

    ( as some other dude posted elsewhere )

  2. IBKR is a tremendous buy here at $24.
  3. Peterffy paid Interactive Brokers $37 million, the amount of the loss IB took in an option scheme. I don't recall the CEO of Refco paying money to the coming...in fact, the other way around. I don't recall any corporate officer ever doing this.

    Perhaps you could explain your statements. Because I don't see any comparison.

  4. ^

    Are ET servers located in Carribean / Europe? ( Post dates show posted 1 day ahead )
  5. It's called irony oldtimer, nothing else. Where have the press realeases and calls for sec action been for the last 4 years? Maybe they are there, I will google it now.

  6. I don't call it "irony" bsman. You're comparing them to a company that went broke due to fraud. Some people might call that slander. At a minimum...it's BS....your specialty evidently.

  7. rayl


    I have to concede, there is a potential credibility issue here -- why has options MM suddenly become one "incident" per quarter? Or better yet, where are the quants who should've detected the possibility of being screwed by a weird adjustment policy on Eurex? Also, I don't quite get the rationale behind the act of "benevolence." I think in the end, it just raises more questions than the 37MM.

    Full disclosure: l will confess to having a position in IB, the stock. (and looking to increase it)
  8. They are attributing their losses to fraud oldtimer!!!! And a quick $30+million cover. Why the quick cash infusion?

  9. Here's a link to the letter on IBs website. Notice the last paragraph. It indicates there may have been 31,000,000 shares dumped right on the close, which skewed the multiplier.


    I think the increased incidence of option losses reflects the increased incidence of deals. Alot of information is floating around out there, some of which in undoubtedly being used improperly.

    I don't think any of this creates a "credibility" issue. I don't think IB is unique in having these "option problems". And certainly, how do you turn it into a negative that Peterffy ponied up the $37mm? Your post almost makes it sound like damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    For disclosure purposes, I don't own any stock. LOL.

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