ib is not working yet this morning!

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by cameleon, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. cameleon


    gee! what's the matter with them!!!!!
    on canadian side............
  2. You're in the wrong place if you want an answer to that one....
  3. coops


    it's working in thailand! :eek: thru the US broker mind....

  4. qazmax


    All trading firms seem to have been hit by a virus yesterday...

  5. ib never missed a beat here.no problems.
  6. The trading firm I'm at didn't have a hiccup.

    I was looking in to trading Futures with IB, but a friend told me that the system goes down frequently and getting them on the phone.....good luck.

    Any insight?
  7. qazmax


    IB spends a lot of $$$ on systems and programmers. So they offer a good product and a wide array of things to trade.

    The downside is that they want self reliant traders. I have heard their customer service reps are the lowest in the industry. This means that they are likely overworked and underpaid. A bad combo for trying to get phone help.

    Everything is computerized for low cost broker expenses. They have historically spent a lot of $$ on "more important" things, than helping people with trade issues. It is a trade off.

    You can always tell how a firm is doing by how they treat you when you threaten to leave )close your account). If a firm is growing then the number of opened new acounts to closed accouts is large and they do not care about the outflow. And vice-versa.

    IB does not care an ounce if you close your accout so they must be doing well.

  8. Have you got it working now...?
  9. vonk


    Def can chime in on this one...

    Yesterday I had put in a sell stop limit order for the Emini at 1046.25 at about 9:50 am EST.

    About 5 mins after the market heads south and takes out 1046.25
    but nothing happens my order just sits there. No message from IB that Globex is down or anything. After a minute or so I cancelled the order. Called IB and bitched as the market tanked. IB said "duh, i dunno" and said that if I hadn't cancelled my order they might be able to do something for me but because I cancelled it the order was cancelled. (Huh, thought I was being prudent) I was able to recompose myself and profit from yesterdays action.

    Almosted cancelled my account....
  10. "sell stop limit"
    study up on how a sell stop limit order works.
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