IB is down - glad I don't use IB to trade

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Benign, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Benign


    Go to IB's Current System Status. Even the system page is down. LOL

    Glad that I made the right decision to not trade in IB. Now IB is only my backup broker.

    IB quality has been deteriorating lately. You will get pre-alarm if you notice small things and issues about IB.
  2. At one time or another all brokers have problems with trading platforms. I have been using IB for over 7 years and still find them the most reliable. If you have a backup account as all should no big deal when this happens.

    If your so unhappy with IB why would you even have a backup with them?
  3. Benign


    IB is still down after 25 minutes. No wonder why they need to charge unusual intraday margin in some markets even if it is unnecessary. IB is the only broker in the world which will dare charge 100% intraday margin.

    Well the answer is clear now. They know they may have financial or technical difficulties to maintain their servers, so they need to charge 100% to protect themselves in case their servers are down for an extended hour or so. LOL.

    Yes the margin monitor won't work if your server is down so loooooong. I would even suggest you charging 100% intraday margin for everything now. More is always safer, isn't it?
  4. Benign


    IB is still down after 40 minutes...

    PS: 40 minutes down... Breaking world records!!
  5. LOL

    IB has been up now for about 20 minutes

    For someone who does not use IB, you sure complain alot!

    Do you trade?
  6. Benign


    Past has nothing to do with current or future.

    It used to be reliable. It doesn't mean it will keep being reliable. I see IB has more connection problems lately in the last 6 months. They are pre-alarms about its future stability. And finally IB surprises us with 40+ minutes breakdown today.

    Well brand loyality still work, so those will stay even when bad signs pops up.

    So you need the best quality broker just to offset positions when your main broker is off?
  7. boost123


    I'm glad I'm not with IB.

    Cheap commisions generally means poor service.

    Will IB pay compensation to their clients?:mad:

    How would they compensate if a customer dies of cardiac arrest??:confused: Would they cough up for funeral costs?:D

    I guess IB will ask for the dead client to come to court to give evidence to establish that their bad service caused the death?!:D

    Very tricky to prove IB is guilty if your dead!! IB wins i guess and costs too!!:D
  8. Retired


    People have legitimate complaints about the long downtime this morning. You don't need to be so rude to them.
  9. Benign


    Nothing much to say because you can even assume your connection has been restored = all customers' connections has been restored. Good logic!

    "Do I trade?" Yes. But why do you want to ask that? Well let me answer myself. If I say no, so you can attack and blame, so as to hide the fact that IB has such a bad breakdown today.
  10. boost123


    " People have legitimate complaints about the long downtime this morning. You don't need to be so rude to them."

    Hi retired.

    How am i being rude if all i'm doing is convince the members here that IB are SH!TE.

    There are many threads on here FULL of complaints on IB service and the Muppets still think IB are great!:D

    You get what you pay for in this world!! IB are cheap and that normally comes with RISKS!!:(

    Happy new year to you SIR and stay retired its more safer than trading with IB i think?:D
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