IB is down. Can't enjoy a rally.

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by QdzResurrection, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. What is happening? How do you do?

  2. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    ib's been fine for me all morning
  3. This happens all the time. Whenever some one reports a problem, some one else immediately jumps out to say everything is fine and perfect. Well, maybe it is. Who knows. After all, we have 100% up room to go. Enjoy.


  4. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    Hey, I call it like I see it. If IB was down, I'd be the first to say so, just check out my prior posts.
  5. hasnt been down here at all today. logged on at 7 est.
  6. stable here, although i've been having some ISP issues. :mad:
  7. Sittas


    ib has been fine here as well....
    no probs all morning
  8. I had some lag this morning.. probably aftershock tremors from the routing problems yesterday.. dont' think it's IB's issue.


    p.s. what rally?
  9. No problems today