IB Intraday Margin's gone for a few days.

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  1. Just a heads up to look at your exposure. IB are obviously concerned that risks are higher again - fasten your seatbelts.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Intraday Margin

    In light of the market volatility and the continuing turmoil in
    financial services stocks, IB will eliminate intraday margin
    reductions. Commencing at 10:30 P.M. EST today, contracts which
    utilize value-at-risk margin models such as SPAN, Eurex, or TIMS in
    the commodity sub-account. Traders may consult the account window in
    the Trader Work Station to see what the overnight margin will be. We
    expect that intraday margin reductions will remain suspended for
    subsequent trading sessions and we will make further announcements as
    market conditions develop.

    Regardless of the likelihood of large, rapid changes in market
    conditions, we recommend that traders examine their portfolios to
    consider their exposure under extreme-move scenarios.

    Interactive Brokers Risk Management
  2. They ought to double the margin.

    Here's hoping they have a nice clean hedges into this bedlam.

    Wheres that limp wristed Bernake in all this?
  3. Aussie SPI down 2.9% and Taiwanese STW down 5.3% currently. Should get a nice gap down in the US.
  4. The intraday margin requirement for one ES contract would be $4500 now?
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    Is that for financial stocks only? Or everything, including futures?
  6. Seems there's no intraday margin at IB for YM either, so I guess that goes for ES and NQ as well?

    IB's bulletin message is not very clear... "IB has eliminated intraday margin reductions for contacts which utilize value-at-risk margin models such as SPAN, Eurex, or TIMS..."

    Shouldn't it say Globex as well then??
  7. pussy.
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  9. I was just opening an account to give these guys a try as an additional broker and you are telling me there is no day margins?
    For things such as ES ER YM?
    You have to be joking me right?
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