IB Interruption Performance for the two weeks ending 26th Dec 2003.

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Digs, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Digs


    During the next two weeks if IB log your off, or other issues relating to TWS ONLY (not customer service issues) please select the poll and vote at which time TWS caused an issue.

    This is a satistical performance summary...and IB will be notified.

    Please no cranks or false voting....
  2. Whatever this is, it's not a "performance" summary. Where's the checkbox for "I had no problems"?

  3. I get momentary interruptions in a feed sometime no matter who I trade with....usually the auto reconnect feature takes over and I am back in a few seconds....

    When IB logs off please spell out that you mean. Manual action needs to take place and a lengthy wait to reconnect causes a problem. Is this what you mean?

    Michael B.
  4. how will you know if IB is "logging off" or some other issue not realted to IB?? :confused:
  5. Digs


    Just vote in when you TWS turns off, dont get to technical on me...
  6. def

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    Good job digs, so now every competitor and their numerous aliases will make a negative post. What a shock to see 2 votes (after several thousand contracts/trades going through our systems on globex and Asian markets - WITH NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER) on Sunday night US time.

    These polls are a waste of time. Our (IB's) track record of reliability will stand up to anyones. If you don't think we monitor our processes and are putting a great deal of effort into improving and maintaining our reliability you are sorely mistaken.

    However, if your goal is to drive myself and others from spending any time reading or posting on elite trader, it may be working.
  7. zxcv1fu



    I use IB & am happy with it. Do you use IB at all? What is your intention? Are you working for other broker?

    I agree this is a waste of our time.
  8. As a representitive of IB, you should be putting forth a more honest portrayal of what's happened over the last couple of months!

    Obviously many of us stick with IB because it's cheaper than everyone else, but most long-term users know the reliability of IB has really suffered since this summer. (My family's been a customer for 5 years).

    You should: 1) Take accountability for what's happened, 2) Give us an explanation as to why this has happened and 3) Tell us specifically what IB's doing about it and WHEN the problem will be fixed.
  9. I second this!
  10. sammybea


    Def you have been an asset to me and IB. But i don't understand why you threatened not to post b/c of Dig's thread? Why would you stoop to that level? The fact is IB has NOT always been reliable, but YOU have been. Whether this thread means anything at all.. well i have seen worse threads. But lets not have threats on your part. If you don't want to post, don't blame it on some poster. You are better than that and I am sure the majority of this community respects you for that.

    #10     Dec 7, 2003