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  1. Hi anyone here trade international stocks especially Japanese and German martket using IB ? hows the excution speed ?
  2. Xetra is very good

    Japan ......... BAD !!!!
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    i am using internaxx.lu which is an online, offshore broker.

    you can trade both german and japanese stock together with several other global s markets.
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    And I'm sure your speed with Japan is poor as well (won't talk about the higher fees you're paying either :))

    The Japanese exchange is slow for everyone. The way the exchange handles order routing and confirmations is very poor. IB might seem slower as we do not confirm a trade until a confirmation is rec'd from the exchange but our routes and access into the exchange are actually top notch.
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    The speed on Tokyo is a non-issue, its WYSIWYG and pretty much
    instantaneous. Pricing is similar to IB, you charge 0.08%, Internaxx
    charge 0.10%, its a knat's fart if you're doing well.
    IB have a great product but its not for me, I need the offshore status
    and the lower FX spreads offered by Internaxx, I trade on 2/3 markets
    simultaneously and having access to all my sub-currency accounts is
    pretty impt. :)
  6. Does anyone can verify this?

    I intend to trade Japanese stocks too.

    How about the futures markets in Japan. Still slow for everyone?
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    The futures speed is fine but I'd also look at SGXNK as the tick size is smaller. Japanese stock speed is the same for all parties - I know the ins and outs of this very well. The way the exchange handles and routes orders is not the best.
  8. I watch SGXNK too.
    Do you think which one is better for trading, SGX or Japan NIKKEI?

    Would you mind explaining about what makes Japanese market so slow? How slow is it? Execution speed?

    If it's slow, I don't think we should trade Japanese stocks at all. No point to place oneself at disadvantage.
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    I prefer SGXNK for futures since the tick increment is 5 instead of 10.

    Execution speed in Tokyo is the same for all parties. The exchange sweeps orders from broker to broker in a clock type fashion. Thus the routing and reporting of orders can take anywhere from 1-3+ seconds. If you are using a browser based trading application you may not notice the slowness. However, with direct access it seems like an eternity to receive a confirmation. However, since everyone is in the same boat, the playing field is level.
  10. Thanks!

    Are brokers in Tokyo mean market makers or specialists in the US?

    Do you know how many brokers the orders need to go through (normally)?

    The reason why I don't like slow because I may not be able to get out quick before the market moves rapidly.
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