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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by BlueHorseshoe, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Late last night on CNBC Asia I caught IB's own Steve Kelsey expounding on why Japan's central bank was selling the Yen ...

    About the blandest 30 seconds of business news you could expect ... just wonder how CNBC came to identify Steve as a forex expert?

    All kidding aside, Good job Steve!
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    I'll let him speak up but he got suckered into that one. He normally does TA as he is chairman of the HK TA society.
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    Blue Horseshoe,
    As chairman of the local TA society, they often get me on to do a live segment in the morning (squawkbox) which covers TA on local markets (usually Asian indices).

    The session you saw was a pre-recorded session. It was about 6 minutes long covering the $, and Renminbi, Yen and Ozzie.
    I guess they chopped it to pieces (I haven't seen it). (Guess they chose the blandest bit ):)

  4. So, you've got the CFA but heading the local TA society ... isn't that some kind of violation of AIMR regs?!

    Just kidding ... finally finished my CFA this year, after more years than I care to admit.

    The CNBC piece was on at 11:00pm so that should tell you something about how bland it was - but not your fault. I caught midway, and changed channels when you vogued into the AUD. :p