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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Babak, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. def, just to close the loop - any possibility of IB being integrated with QuoteTracker in the future or is the final answer "no" ? Hopefully, IB will find a way around the stumbling blocks. Thanks.
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  2. def

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    I would never say never. It seems to be a fairly common request so I would not rule it out.
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  3. coops


    Ib should also get in partnership with Nextrend, esignal etc.

    Maybe for futures or options the IB TWS might have some advantages (??) but otherwise for stock trading, why reinvent the wheel? IB gives you level 1 data, but you can't even get a Time and Sales window, never mind charting. It's been brought up before, and i agree that IB should stick with executions and being the broker - leave the data feeds and extra functions to others (they'd save money too....)

    ps IB is great!

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  4. First of all, it seems that some people want all kinds of bells and whistles that would make IB just another RealTick type of broker. If you really want to place orders out of a Level II screen, T&S, Charts, etc., why don't you simply open an account with a RealTick broker that already offers all these features?

    IB really excels at what they offer, and that is fast and reliable order entry and execution. Brokers are there for processing orders, not for displaying quotes and charts. For the latter, subscribe to ESignal, Quote.com, or one of the other services out there. If you can't afford to spend a hundred bucks a month for that, trading simply might not be your thing.

    One thing I would like to see is the ability to change the election price of a stop market order by using the normal hot keys. They work for limit orders, and I think they affect the limit price of a stop limit order, so it shouldn't be too hard to make them work for stop market orders. It would really make it much easier to manually trail a stop, because the way it works right now is way to cumbersome when trading futures or fast moving stocks.
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  5. coops


    Actually, this is the entire point - I will happily subscribe to Nextrend etc (soon as I decide between them and QQL.. have used QT too). These data and charting providers have the ability to allow placing your order thru a 'partner' broker. As a result you get quote vendors who have hopefully got this fairly well sorted, and executions thru your broker, also hopefully well sorted (fast, direct and 1 cent/share?). Then there is no need to have yet another window open just to place orders, another for tracking executions etc etc.

    Why should IB even bother offering any data feed at all? (if executions are all that matters.....)

    honest, I do like IB..... :)


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  6. @coops

    OK, now I see what you mean. I am using ESignal as quote feed (with Ensign as charting application), but I have never even thought about using anything other than the TWS for order entry. To me, it's simply the best interface there is, period. Not only for futures, but also for stocks. I used CyberTrader and IB side by side for several weeks, and I stayed with IB in the end, because a few well-chosen hot keys worked better for me than anything CT had to offer.
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  7. coops


    I agree, IB order entry is pretty good, how about :

    you can set default when hitting bid or ask to be a market order or a limit. How about, default is click left mouse (let's say Limit), then if you had wanted to choose Market instead, allow pressing CTRL-Lft mouse click for instance {IB already lets you use CTRL and ALT for the other hot keys). Maybe you could use ctrl and alt keys to control whether you want to buy or sell on the bid/ask respectively (rather than the default of sell on bid and buy on ask). Or maybe it's all complicated enough already.... :D

    How much time/effort/money are IB putting in to the TWS rather than letting others provide the service (from free like QT to Esignal etc)?

    So far QQL is looking like my choice....


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  8. huby


    If this has already been mentioned I'm sorry. It would be really nice to have a small window that shows your positions and P&L or at least balance on the main page. It's kind of a pain to keep pulling up the seperate page to see make sure you were filled.
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  9. agent99


    I don't mind the separate page for account balance, it's just that it can't be resized without losing information. Hopefully they're working on that.
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  10. Babak


    re account maintenance page, they are working on it as we type.
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