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    thanks for the comment and I will have a discussion on TS at some point. (perhaps I'll still have a job thereafter :).

    I also will dig deeper on the stop issue that was mentioned on another thread.

    One thing I forgot to mention in my past post was that IB will not accept stock transfers from other brokerages. This was in the works for a while but the timing may be good as it may help some with the 25K rule. It works as follows:
    customers log in to their account via the IB website and request FULL transfer of assets from their account at other brokerage house to IB. The transfer usually takes at least 3 business days.

    To initiate the transfer you'll have to specify:
    The brokerage from where the assets should be transferred from.
    Their account number at that brokerage.

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  2. agent99


    Def, good to know that IB is finally accepting Stock.

    However, I believe the timing that you suggest is off. If you facilitate stock transfers through DTC delivery it takes 2-3 days. (DTC delivery is only for stock, not for cash). But if you have your entire account transferred (I think that's through the ACAT system -- Automated Customer Account Transfer) it usually takes a couple of weeks, at least in my experience.

    As an example, when I tried to close an account at Cybertrader, knowing that DTC was faster, I tried to move all of my positions from Cyber to another firm though that route. However, they prevented me from doing so through DTC -- I had to leave some stock behind and go the ACAT route for the rest of my stock and the cash. That took over 2 weeks.

    Will IB ultimately be able to accept DTC delivery (and deliverance to other brokers) of individual positions?

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    ACAT is all I know about for now. No idea about the acceptance of DTC xfers. (took long enough to get this so one step at a time). Just passing along the info given to me that it takes 2-3 days. Hopefully your experience elsewhere was an exception rather than the rule.
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  4. agent99


    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the exception. Every ACAT transfer I've ever done (and there have been many) has taken a couple of weeks. DTC delivery takes up to 3 days (sometimes as little as one day!)

    However, even with the ACAT transfer, it is progress. :)

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    at least one thing is clear:
    the cut off time is 12 noon EST. Requests rec'd by the back office before the cutoff will start that day. Otherwise, the following day. If you are seriously interested in knowing the definative time period on these xfers, let me know and I'll find out.
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  6. dilman57


    re;ACAT transfers.Yes they generally take 10 business days.Rarely any faster.
    DTC is usually partial transfer only,each item to move is specified vs.request for"all"assets.DTC is usually 2 business days.Usually less errors via DTC because of itemized nature.
    Some firms require written instruction from the client and will not process via email or wire.DTC is most often started on the sending firm side by customer letter of instruction.
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  7. dlincke


    IMO the three enhancements for TWS that are most pressing are:

    - Ability to have separate user-configurable WAV sound files for partial executions and completion of the full order

    - Having TWS properly display fractional cent values (third and fourth decimal place) in ECN quotes as well as trade execution reports. Currently everything after the second decimal place is cut off.

    - Enable fractional cent values to be entered through the ticket dialog for those ECNs that support them.
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    thanks for the info on DTC vs ACAT. Saves me a call.

    executions sounds are on the list of todo's. I like the idea of different sounds for partial and completed fills and will make the suggestion.
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  9. It would be great if IB was integrated with QuoteTracker. I sent an e-mail to QuoteTracker and they said they support this but the ball is in IB's court.

    From : "QT Support" <support@quotetracker.com>
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    Subject : Re: Interactive Brokers and QuoteTracker
    Date : Wed, 22 Aug 2001 18:52:07 -0400

    We would love to add them but would need their cooperation. We asked and thus far have not received it.

    2GK, Inc.

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    Dear QuoteTracker:

    I have an account with Interactive Brokers. Are there plans to integrate QuoteTracker with Interactive Brokers ? Thanks.


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    I don't recall the details but the reason has to do with how access/communication is granted into the IB system. Thus it is not as simple as many believe.

    Other news, if I interpretted some info correctly, there has been an internal software change which goes in today or tomorrow which should speed up stop triggers (not how they are triggered, just the speed). I have no other details.
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