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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Babak, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. Stock777 and trader1,

    Regarding the use of Powermenu's always on top feature for JTWS, are you able to click on an offering and adjust the price your order using your mouse? or do you have to use hot keys? I've become accustomed to using the mouse and i have heard that the small pop up window for changing the price of an order doesn't work properly with a lot of these programs.

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  2. trader1


    The powermenu program does not in anyway change the operations of TWS. All it does is add another option to the right click menu to keep the window on top of anything else. You can turn it on or off as you see fit. Just click on anything in tws as you always have.
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  3. Grabbit


    Whatever changes are being made to IB's TWS, - and I really appreciate that they are constantly working on it to make improvements - wouldn't it be nice to be notified by e-mail of such changes so that they don't take you by surprise, and so that you don't have to plough through the manual? (not that I ever do, but sometimes it takes a while to understand the changes that have been made)

    Do you think that could be done, def? It would probably save you and the helpdesk a lot of questions.
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  4. Babak


    ok guys I've forwarded the suggestions posted so far in a categorized format.

    apparently, most suggestions are about the design/look of the TWS to make it simpler and save on valuable screen real estate

    the other group of suggestions were about improvements to speed up entry/management/exit of orders

    please keep suggestions coming and I will pass them on as they accumulate

    thank you everyone for your input and thank you def!


    Grabbit, there is documentation now about what changes are implemented in each new version of TWS on the IB web site. This is thanks to def listening and acting on our suggestion! wottaguy!!
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  5. def

    def Sponsor

    people seem to want less mail rather than more (I agree)thus when downloading a new station or if you go through the browser, check the version number under help. If you have a new build just check the release notes on the web site:


    There also is a monthly newsletter that will be going out to clients first copy was last month which may hi-lite major changes...

    http://www.interactivebrokers.com/html/companyInfo/ib_news_main.html (then click on IB Communique)

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  6. Grabbit


    Babak, def,

    Thanks. I never visited the website anymore since the introduction of the installed (new) TWS version.
    I'll check that from now on whenever I do a program update.

    (BTW nice new web design, I like those drop down menus; that release notes' link is however very hard to find if you start from the main page, it all needs a bit reorganizing imho)
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  7. Mr_F


    Suggested enhancement: Perhaps use a color code for ticker symbols on TWS to indicate if stocks can be borrowed.
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  8. Grabbit


    There's one thing I really would appreciate in TWS, and that is to have the ability (not the necessity, as it won't suit everyone) to set a default order size for every stock separately.

    I now too often close a position of say 200 shares, and forget that my default order size was still 100: Thinking that I got out nicely, only to dicover that I still have a 100 running.

    When entering the stock, just like you enter an ECN, you would then next get a screen to enter a default order size. So that you can choose an order size that suits the price and the amount you generally want to spend on a trade. Would be cool.

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  9. def

    def Sponsor

    just to keep you up to date:

    1. Within the next few weeks a detailed position manager should be added with real time pnls etc. (don't ask me any questions on this as I have not seen a beta. All I know is that it is being programmed)

    2. under the settings column, there are a bunch of choices that toggle (show this or show that) which will add/remove columns from the workspace. More "show/unshow" options should be added in the future.

    3. An option analytics package will be added that has portfolio info and detailed option info. I'm playing around with a beta. It's very good but I'd have to warn that it is definately biased to those with options knowledge and experience.

    4. give me time for feedback on the other items.

    Thanks for the patience. The head of ops always loves to remind me that "Rome wasn't built in a day".

    - def
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  10. trader1



    I just want you to know how much we appreciatte your work on this board. It's excellent to have someone from the firm actually taking suggestions from customers and running them up through to the programmers and management. I also want to applaud IB for being so open to it's customers suggestions and actually getting programmers to work at implimenting those suggestions.

    Can't wait to see the new account maintenace features, for me that has been the worst part of the TWS software.
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