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  1. roger2


    regarding keeping the main IB window on top always...

    this would not be good for traders (like me!) who have other programs running on the same computer as IB and on the same monitor

    true, when entering/exiting a position, the IB main screen is the most important thing in the world

    but there are other times, dozens of times a day for me, when I open another window on top of the IB trading screen

    my hardware/software set-up is as follows: 2 x 19" monitors on PC #1 dedicated solely to data provider, then a single 17" monitor on PC #2 with many programs running, including IB

    if the IB trading screen was 'on top always', on a 17" monitor it would be impossible see the entire IB Executions window or the IB Account window. it would also be impossible to see the full window for any other programs (Internet Explorer, eg)

    so, IMHO, the 'stay on top' might be usefull to some, it would be best if it was available as on option under the "Settings" tab. That way 'stay on top' would be defeatable for those who prefer not to use it.

    Other suggestions :

    1) the "Transmit" and "Cancel" keys are too close to each other and they should not even be next to each other at all. I refer BOTH to the "C" & "T" buttons on the upper part of the interface as well as the 'pop-up' window resulting from right clicking on an order. This creates the possibility of accidentally transmitting an order which you have decided NOT to send. Stick another button (or selection, in the context menu) in between these two, like maybe "Duplicate" or "Order"
    so that if a mistake is made it won't be a $ losing mistake.

    2) screen space is extremely valuable, there are 2 IB windows which could be trimmed down to eliminate wasted space. First, the IB trading screen has some unused space near the top and to the right of the buttons O C T E A. It would be great if these buttons could be placed directly to the right of the "help" drop down menu. Secondly, the IB Account Info window REALLY needs to go on a diet... there is a lot of wasted space in this one.

    3) there could be a user selected default instrument (stock, option, etc) and routing choice. Under the "Settings" drop down there is already a selection called "Order Defaults...", these new options could be added to that window. This would make it easier and faster to enter a new symbol into the trade screen. Retain the ability to change your own defaults by right clicking on an order to get the appropriate context menu.

    4) there could also be a setting available for the "Account Info" window where you could decide NOT to display any positions not opened today. for example, say you open a 2000 share position (day trade) on a fast stock and you exit that position a couple hundred shares at a time. it is easy to lose track of the current size remaining and the Account Info window gives you that info. It is easier to find this number quickly if there is only one entry in the "account info" window. It is more difficult to find if there are also displayed a few (longer term) open positions.

    IB is a good thing...

    thanks def

    P.S. I agree with the notion that streamlining is preferable to adding 'bells and whistles'. the fewer wasted motions and the less superfluous (sp?) information the better
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  2. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    I really miss a better account manager. I would like the account mgr to show:

    1. point P&L
    2. position size

    updated in real-time.
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  3. Use of the scroll button on scrolling mice.

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  4. dozu888


    Hot keys to adjust STOP ELECTION prices. Right now need to open up the ticket window to set up stops, too slow.

    Allow check OCA box after the order has been transmitted. Lot of times after I open a position and the put in a stop order, then later on I want also put in a profit taking limit order to OCA the existing stop... guess what, the OCA check box on the stop order is greyed out, so I have to cancel the stop and create a new one with OCA checked from scratch.

    Default instrument/routing (I think somebody else already mentioned this), save lot of mouse clicks when I want to put some stock symbols on the page.
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  5. NKNY


    Real time profit/loss in dollars, and in % ... for each position and a grand total for the entire portfolio in dollars and % at the bottom....

    After entering many positions I simply want to monitor the portfolio for positions that are slipping into the red and concentrate on exiting them .

    The way it is now, I have to manually enter all of my trades into another program in order to monitor them....very time consuming....

    Also the ability to click on a position in the portfolio and send an order that brings you flat....A "quick exit" if you will....

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  6. roger2


    OK, i get it now about the 'stay on top'...

    i am playing around with several windows on my 17" and suddenly realize that it would be nice to work in other windows without losing the IB trade screen

    I think there should be easy ways to enable/disable this feature:

    one, there could be a simple toggle button in the "Settings.." drop down menu

    and/or there could be a selection in the context menu which pops up when you right click the trade screen

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  7. m_c_a98


    Concerning "stay on top".. I downloaded a little program from http://www.download.com .. search for "always on top" and you can download any of the numerous programs that do this.
    I have my execution window in the upper right corner always on top and when I'm actively trading I have the TWS "always on top"
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  8. roger2


    I don't really rely on IB quotes...maybe there could be a way i can turn them off?...others will choose not to

    In the column where you enter ticker symbols, it would be convenient to simply click and pop-up a list box with all of YOUR symbols listed alphabetically. Choose a symbol from that list and bingo, it is loaded and ready to trade with your default instrument/routing...not even necessary to type in a symbol when trading!

    The list could be created in advance, while not in the heat of a trade. Of course you should still be able to enter a symbol the conventional way, by typing it directly into the trade screen.

    The user could store different lists and also have a method of choosing which list would appear when clikcing the column. These symbol lists would be the analog of the current IB symbol 'Pages' and could be used (optionally) instead of multiple 'Pages' (Pages require screen space, hidden pop-up lists would not require space)

    There could also be a button to clear the trade screen. This would be easier than deleting symbols one at a time.

    Want to change (your chosen default) instrument/routing for a particular trade? ...right click on the order line and choose different instrument/routing directly from another pop-up context menu...don't even go to yet another screen to do this! (as it is now)

    Default instrument/routing could be chosen in the "Order defaults" dialog under "Settings" in the main menu

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  10. trader1


    I also use that powermenu program to keep the ib window right on top of my Qcharts window. It's a very simple convenveniant program. As for TWS improvements, I think the account info is by far IB's weakest area. PLEASE get realtime updating to the tick. In a fast moving stock every minute updates can leave you lost as to your actual p/l position. Speaking of p/l how bout a daily p/l feature, I dont think that would be very difficult to implement and would be very helpfull. Also the account info window could use some layout options. Maybe a different font option and the ability to squeeze everything closer together to save some space. As it is now, when you make the wimdow horizontally smaller you lose the white position window completely.
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