IB Improvements (Part 3)

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    This thread won't be the same without def, but let me get the ball rolling....

    I installed 754.2 and configured a MouseAction for ClosePosition. I used it several times on Friday and Monday when I had odd lots, and it saved me some time.

    However, with the current MouseActions, I haven't been able to create a BuyLimit at the BestBid or a SellLimit at the BestAsk. It doesn't look possible to me. I have updated the 'Mouse Shortcuts' section in my JTWS Bug & Feature Request document to include the following two requests:

    + For actions which create Limit or Stop orders, the user should be able to specify whether the Bid or Ask is used as the Limit/Stop price.
    + For actions which create Limit or Stop orders, the user should be able to specify a fixed offset to adjust the limit price after it is initialized with the BestBid or BestAsk. This allows the user to automatically create an order that is 1c inside the BestBid or BestAsk.

    I think if IB keeps building on these new MouseActions, it will be very flexible!!


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    CRITICAL: Position column, P&L, and AccountWindow sometimes take 30+ seconds to update plus the P&L will be displayed incorrectly in the meantime.

    I haven't seen this bug today with 754.2, and I made about 200 trades today. Usually, I see this bug several times a day. The release notes do not mention fixing this. Anybody else see/not see this problem?

    I've been getting very annoyed with the row focus dissapearing when orders are fills and the row focus shifting when a filled order is removed. If you make many trades, esp. at the the same time, you can't help but be frustrated by this.

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    No the thread won't be the same without Def, but maybe Def would agree to move to another more hospitable venue where he won't be censored. I can't imagine that most wouldn't follow.

  4. I temporarily switched back to 722.4 because of the quote problem with 753 and 754, and was pleasantly surprised to again see quotes appear in purple for non-autoex options exchanges. Would be nice to bring that back.
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    Sorry for coming back again to the never ending issue of IB stop orders.

    I have not heard any news regarding the letter that David DeFina sent to IB customer. Have they answered?
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    Shorting stocks on Xetra will be avaible soon (matter of days).

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    Yes, they wrote back and asked if I would try their API interfaces to employ stops according to my rules. I assumed that was a No on changing the stops from their end. Not being a programmer I've given up pursuing it, unless someone wants to organize a full court press. :)
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    Thanks for your answer.

    So not even the risk of losing customers is pushing them to change the rules?
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  10. Thanks for the link. Also don't forget to rank telephone contact high as this is an area IB SORELY needs help.
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