IB Improvements (Part 2)

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by mjt, Dec 4, 2001.

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  1. dozu888


    Actually I have used the IB chat during HK hours more often than the US hours, and indeed the HK staff provide much more help and "go the extra mile".
    #51     Dec 27, 2001
  2. Def,

    calls outside of regular US hours to foreign help desks are not toll free

    Do you mean a Dax Futures trader in France or England doesn't have a toll free number to call IB 's office in Switzerland?

    #52     Dec 27, 2001
  3. def

    def Sponsor

    i believe all european clients have toll free to the euro office.
    #53     Dec 27, 2001
  4. agent99


    Anyone else ever notice the following possible bug? I just opened the Account Information box with the intention of printing a copy of it for my end of the year records. With the box open, I selected "Print", "Account" and the report that I got from my printer was a box that was completely black.

    For the record I'm using an Epson inkjet printer and this is the only report I've ever had a problem with, so my guess is that it's not the printer. If it's not a bug, anyone have an idea of how to fix the problem?


    #54     Dec 31, 2001
  5. When are we going to have these icons redesigned? they'd better just get rid of them IMO I am using a previous version of TWS and hate these ill designed icons that now got even bigger, I can't even resize TWS as I used to. First off who the hell needs the charts and the news??!! I suppose those who like me who said in the survey they could use charts meant streaming realtime charts or at least something more professionall than Bigcharts! I would like an option to customize the toolbar (no charts&news) and/or be able to close the toolbar once detached. Until then I don't think I 'll upgrade.
    #55     Dec 31, 2001
  6. jsmith



    I know how you feel. I haven't upgrade to the lastest
    version on my trading machine since they changed the
    icons. Those icons are useless. def, please make
    them change it back.

    I pray that TWS isn't turned into a little video game
    console with lots of pretty colors like the CyberX
    entry system. I like it nice and simple with fast
    executions and cheap commissions. If you want
    all the bells and whistles, go somewhere else.

    #56     Dec 31, 2001
  7. def

    def Sponsor

    i thought the icons were going to be changed back. in the meantime, just drag them away from the left side of the icon line.
    #57     Dec 31, 2001
  8. Catoosa


    I have a question to your post above.
    Is it true that the latest upgrade of the TWS does not allow the user to resize the TWS window? I sure hope this is not the case. I will never upgrade again if this is the case. Being able to resize the TWS window is a must to have several windows open on the screen at the same time.

    #58     Jan 1, 2002
  9. def

    def Sponsor

    the TWS Java version can and always had the ability to resize. kickign is referring to the new icons which some like and other hate.

    If in doubt, before downloading a stand alone version, try the web based version to see and test the new features. The programs are usually one and the same. The exception is that when there is a new release, the policy has been to offer the web based a day or two before the downloadable one.
    #59     Jan 1, 2002
  10. How long does IB support previous versions?
    #60     Jan 2, 2002
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