IB Improvements (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mjt, Dec 4, 2001.

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  1. def

    def Sponsor

    someone says they will look at it today.
    #211     Feb 11, 2002
  2. Hi,

    has anybody heard news about trading futures (globex/ace) out of a normal multicurrency account (Def...?) ? I see it is now possible to get quotes of these in your stock+options TWS but trading does not work.
    appreciate any new info.

    #212     Feb 11, 2002
  3. fleance


    Merkur, dlincke, Re: resorting orders causes row focus to be lost, I also have experienced this problem. I had it in my list as a request Order Entry->"Option to not autosort orders by price". But now I see there is definately a bug that the row focus is is not maintained when the orders are resorted. I haven't seen the the effect of characters getting entered into the limit field, possibly because of my layout as you suggest. I hope IB fixes this bug + gives us the option to turn off autosort of orders; I find it very disorienting at times.

    I updated my IB Java TWS Bug+RFE list. Here are the top bugs:

    CRITICAL Position column, P&L, and AccountWindow sometimes take 30+ seconds to update plus the P&L will be displayed incorrectly in the meantime.

    MAJOR Changing stop order and retransmitting, status gets stuck at light blue.

    MAJOR Order getting filled causes row focus to be lost.

    MAJOR Resorting orders causes row focus to be lost.

    Click below to see the details on bugs and rfes:

    #213     Feb 11, 2002
  4. def

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    excel - multi order - problem solved. It arose from two people working on different sections that worked when tested independently. However, when combined the mult-order entry could occur. An update should be posted to fix it today or tomorrow.

    light blue modify - it is a bug but not a major bug since the order is going to the exchange. just the color field is not being changed. this should be fixed in a new release.

    fleance, your other items i'll continue to press for.

    multicurrency futures/all in one account - being worked on, was not given a release date.

    market on open/close - being worked on, should be out very shortly.
    #214     Feb 11, 2002
  5. nitro



    #215     Feb 11, 2002

  6. Thanks much! :)
    #216     Feb 11, 2002
  7. I have a question about the commissions. Its .01 for the first 500 shares and .005 above 500 shares. Does that mean a 1000 share trade costs $7.50 or $5.00?

    #217     Feb 12, 2002
  8. PXG



    Commission for 1000 shares is $7.50.
    #218     Feb 12, 2002
  9. ddefina


    Here is a letter I wrote today to IB explaining my bad fill this morning, and suggesting using the NBBO as another safety net for stop election:

    Dear IB Management:

    I've suggested a change before to your stop algorithm, and it met with a cold reception. My understanding of your position on Stops is that the use of the "Ask" for triggering Buy Stops causes inadvertent fills occasionally, which IB has been forced to cover losses on. This is a completely understandable position. A solution a couple of traders and I came up with for using the "Ask" for triggering Buy Stops is to add one more step to the Stop Algorithm: In addition to the Buy Stop being elected upon the ASK hitting the election price, the ASK must also be equal to the NBBO or within so many cents outside of it. This should eliminate erroneous triggers outside of the true market range.

    As it stands currently, slippage and bad fills occur on a regular basis. As an example, this morning (02/12/2002) I set a Sell stop for CEPH @ 56.03, attempting to have it trigger at 55.99 (beneath yesterday's support). Unfortunately, the stock traded with a smaller spread than expected (.01 instead of .04) and triggered my stop @ $56.02, getting me short just before it took off the other direction. I covered my short position at 57.48 and subsequently went long, but lost 1.46 points on the short leg of the trade. The low for the day so far is $56.02! This has happened many times to me, but since I consistently make money, I don't complain. If I could have more precision in my trades, this would not occur.

    Please consider looking into this simple change, and perhaps everyone can be happy. Great service you provide!

    David DeFina
    #219     Feb 12, 2002
  10. Is it possible for IB to implement a way to exercise options in the TWS?

    This would be great because:

    (1) Positions would be updated immediately instead of overnight
    (2) Don't have to send e-mails

    Thus, it would be much easier.
    #220     Feb 14, 2002
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