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Are these feature polls useful in general?

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  3. Huh, I don't understand what these feature polls are addressing

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  4. Others (please specify)

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  1. If you've an interest in these features, please vote (5 ratings).

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    2179 Title: Add sounds for order and connection events
    Submitted by: master

    Please add sounds for the following: (1) Order being successfully sent to the exchange (useful for orders like TRAIL LMT); (2) IB connection lost (3) IB reconnected successfully


    2596 Title: Rationalize SGX JPY product commission structure
    Submitted by: wwtrader

    Currently, unbundled SGX JPY product commissions are significantly higher than bundled ones. eg, Nikkei futures bundled 300 JPY unbundled 411 JPY Please consider rationalizing such commission structure so that unbundled commissions are lower, as is the case wth other products. (Transferring funds daily between two accounts as a workaround is getting rather tedious...)


    2611 Title: Position Size Buttons for Book Trader
    Submitted by: voltrade

    Please allow for an option to add a row of customizable Position Size Buttons (at least 5-10) at the top or bottom of Book Trader. The dropdown box in BT with positions size is not quick enough. If I have 20 contracts on the E-Mini It would be nice to have buttons to click where I can instantly change my order size to 10, to lock in a profit, and then then, 5 to try and get the last few ticks out of a trade. The buttons should give us the option to make the position size as we choose, i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 contracts or 5,10,15,20,25, contracts, or 100,200,300,400,500,shares, for each respective button 1-5.
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