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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by trader3, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. trader3


    I am new to Forex trading. I have been looking at IB's IdealPro and perhaps I am missing something, but I do not see USD/EUR or USD/GBP or USD/AUD listed. I only see them on the Ideal platform where the spread is pretty ridiculous.

    I can get the EUR/USD on IdealPro which I guess is the same thing, but I am confused as to why the reverse would be available on the Ideal and not the IdealPro.

    Also, I do not see any unrealized or closed P&L listings for the Forex trades on the main TWS page.

    Am I missing something?

  2. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    In Ideal Pro the only quote listed is the conventional quote - so you'll see EUR/USD but not USD/EUR. In the new Beta TWS865, you'll actually be able to see the EUR/USD quote and click a button to see the reciprocal (USD/EUR). You'll also be able to see the P&L. This could be released as early as this week.
  3. Hey steve. Is there any way to get other currencies listed in USD denomination other than EUR, AUD and GBP? say CAD/USD instead of the USD/CAD.

    It would be of great help for me if I could request 100,000$USD of USD/CAD without having to do a bunch of conversions by hand.

  4. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    Go to layout and add the Quantity columns. You can then specify $100k, and the order size will be calculated for you.