IB ideal pro- What charting software?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by siki13, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. siki13


    I am very disappointed with ensign software
    because they backfill function for forex is awful and i don't even see streaming real time prices(with stocks they are OK)
    I need accurate backfill and streaming realtime prices
    What third party software you recommend for IB ideal pro?
  2. just21


    Are you using the beta that uses IB backfill or the release version which uses a third party server for backfill?
  3. traderob


    Good question. I use esignal but that costs almost $200/month with the forex feed. If there was a third party charting system that hooked into IB Ideal Pro it would be very nice.
  4. just21


    The beta version of ensign uses the IB backfill database.
  5. siki13


    I am using 12-26-05 version
    I gonna try new Dec 30th version because i dont see beta version
  6. just21


    Ask ensign what happened to IB backfill beta, it was there a few weeks ago. You may have to ask them to add a market, they added the Kospi backfill from IB straight away when I asked.
  7. Medved QuoteTracker works very well with IB IDEAL Pro. Including both backfill (up to 10 days) and real time.

    QT is either free (with small ads) or $60 a year... a steal at that price, for everything you get.
  8. Lucrum


    I just started using Ensign and have the latest version and the spot FX charts are IMO unusable, futures are fine. I would love it if they would fix that.
  9. I am using AmiBroker. Works fine with both IB's realtime feed and backfill.
  10. I use Fibonacci Trader and Sierra, both no problem with IB, FT downloads 1 second bars, can create tick, volume, kagi.... with that.
    #10     Jan 5, 2006