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  1. I am new to IB. I checked the foex IB Ideal for forex conversion, the spread is 10 pips. For example, the euro is 1.2750@1.2760, canadian is 0.8910@0.8920.

    Is it really that cheap to convert my money into foreign currencies? or is this quote just for forex trading. Because as far as i the banks and brokerages i deal with, the spread is anywhere from 50 pips (brokers) to 300 pips(retail banks).

    Could someone please comment on this? Thanks a lot
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    If it is on the screen, hit it! You have to check it is ideal and not ideal pro.
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    Yes, these are real. IDEALPRO is even better, commonly with spreads of only a couple pips or less. Do note that there are also commissions, minimums, etc., which you can find on the website.
  4. I think he is talking about coverting from one currency to another

    ( IDEAL )

    and not trading for pips

    ( IDEALPRO )
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    Just to make it clear, he can still use IDEALPRO for amounts over 25K.
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    I've used both. IDEALPRO is a cheaper bet, but base currency amount must be $25,000 or more.

    One of my IB accounts is Universal, and conversions to other currencies are done automatically. I haven't checked the rate, but it's small enough it would not change the trade risk calculations.

    One of my IRA accounts is IB, and I'm constantly hitting <T> and finding out that Cash accounts do not do automatic conversions. I then have to buy enough currency in the target market to do the trade. If over $25,000 USD I use IDEALPRO and, as you note, save a lot.
  7. So, if i have say 25K euro, and i want to withdrawl it to my bank account in US, i can still use idealpro?

    Also, if i want to buy japanese equities, i can use idealpro to buy japanese yen and use the yen i bought from idealpro to buy japanese stocks?
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    if you want to buy japanese equities, you don't need to do the conversion. just buy the equity and IB will provide a loan in yen. your profits or losses will be in yen and those can be converted back to USD via IDEAL or IDEALPRO.
  9. Say i want to avoid the free falling dollar. So, i buy the japanese equities in yen. Can i exchange my USD in IDEALPRO and buy japanese stocks using the yen i bought from IDEALPRO?
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    Of course, you can buy JPY and use it for stocks.
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