IB: I just have enough of this. Orders not execute again!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by thecalip, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Happened again. Order not execute. I checked the setting before I placed these orders. Its a buy stop limit, and the price was hit like 5 times on the minutes chart, and yet, order not execute.

    I am bless this is an open order, imagine when you depend it on closing your position.

    Now, I need a recommendation of a futures broker. OEC data is mess up now, so it's own of the questions. In additional, it also mess up my account a little too.
  2. First things first.

    This is a clear situation where, if you are correct, IB's CS people can tell you what happened.

    What did they say happened?

    Note: if it was a stop limit and your stop was triggered then I presume you mean by "the price was hit" that the limit was traded to (but not thru) a number of times.

    IF you are last in the queue (u dont go in until your stop is triggered) then unless it trades thru you MAY NOT GET FILLED.
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    Are you talking normal market hours or after-hours ? this could make a difference
  4. It just didn't execute.

    I trade the 6E, and from 2:30 to 3:30 est, the price was hit a few times with few thousand contracts traded. The stop limit was two pip, the spread is only one pip, so there is no way it will not execute if the system works.
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    Only way you can gripe for sure is if there were trades above your limit order. Lets's say you limit buy @ 1.4300, if it trades 1.4301, 1.4302, etc, then you can complain. Have noticed as a rule IB seems last orders taken out unless huge. I use Zerolinetrader and the Zstop to place orders.
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    let me guess: you have not indicated you want stops outside of normal market hours to work, 2 am EST is not normal market hours, every week or so this question pops up on ET, each time blaming IB, where it is YOU who has not read the manual. So it's not IB's fault, it's your fault ...
  7. Hahahahahhaahhaahha. Are you kidding me??? IB's CS people? They don't exist. Hahahahhaahahahaahhaaha. Man that's a good one!
  8. Do this, check:

    Configure --->

    Order --->

    Order Defaults --->

    ---> FUT

    Settings * Allow order to be filled outside regular trading hours.

    Over 6 years and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of trades, when I clicked "BUY" TWS always bought if within the order parameters.


    Do you have enough character to come back here and tell us your settings were wrong? I hope so.

  9. This was set before the order was placed.

    I am with IB for few yours too, always a satisfied customer. But in the past few days, this happened twice. This is unacceptable.
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