IB- how to set stop-loss with one order transmition?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tomaz26, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I cannot figure out how to set stop-loss when entering new order on IB. I know I can first send buying order and then when it is filled I can send another selling order for the same thing with stop but isn`t it possible to do it from one transmition? Like for example on TOS, I can just buy and imidiately set stop loss order which are both transmited with one click?

    I only found bracket orders here on IB, which can be attached to main order but how about stop-loss order without profit taking order?

    thanks for help guys


  2. you can set your hot keys up to do it.
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    Thanks but other than that you have no choice right? You have to first send the original order and then create a new order and send it separately.. I think TOS has this much better. If you set a narrow stop-loss the price can already go away while you set this separate order in IB.

    I did not know if there is the posibility and I cannot find it or there isnt.

    thanks again

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    No, you can send your opening order along with an attached stop loss order with one hotkey-stroke.

    In TWS select "Configure" -> "Hotkeys" then create or modify a Hotkey.

    Highlight the hotkey in the "Configured Hotkeys" section and click "Configure". Then go to the "Customize" tab.

    In the "Attached Order" section you can select the kind of order you want to attach and configure it.
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    If you use BookTrader, I'm almost certain you could set up a Button to place both entry and stop loss orders
  6. Once you have your options configured correctly, you set up your order, then before transmitting, right click on the order line and select "Attach > Bracket Orders". You set your stop and target orders then, which only trigger once your original order triggers.

    I hope this helps.