IB: How does one trade the Mexican Peso on Idealpro?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Optionpro007, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. I see no quotes for USD.MXN and going with the CME future contract is a crime.

    Thanks for any guidance!
  2. Is is fair to say nobody in ET trades the Mexican peso?
  3. Janed


    Its fair to say nobody trades USD.MXN because they are trading MXN.USD! In IB just put MXN in as the underlying then buy rather than sell, and sell rather then buy...

  4. Thanks. I did try that previously, but I could only get the Ideal exchange link.

    I can't believe the Mexican Peso is not offered on IdealPro.

    Is Ideal where everybody trades this pair?

  5. new symbol is: USD

    :p :D :p :D
  6. Janed


    Today one of the Fed heads said something like: currencies are impossible to predict, even in retrospect. :)
  7. Janed


    Yeah, its heading south, but wait until that black/gold beast gets hungry and swoops down on all those juicy stops. That will send your commodity-currency to the loony-bin for a while. :)
  8. Using WebTrader
    • Select Market tab.
    • Edit Market View
    • Symbol MXN Forex Lookup
    • 5 choices appear
    • Add Contract(s)
    • They will then show up under the Market tab.
  9. Got it.

    It seems that for some reason quotes only appear during certain hours of the day not 24 hrs like most other pairs...

    Thanks for the help.!